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OldRoadman 05-13-10 10:33 PM

BB Spindles Again / Sugino AT Triple / 70mm Style in a 68mm Shell
I have been looking for the right spindle to install a Sugino AT Triple to a standard English 68mm shell. In this case an 80's Trek 613. The normal replacement cup n cone spindle for this crank would be a sealed 127mm symmetric or an old style asymmetric 127-129mm. The AT is flat faced on the install side and demands a long spindle. A 3-U would be about perfect for most installs (40.5,52,35, 127.5mm).
I found, on Ebay, a 5-UB spindle usually used on a 70mm shell. 127mm, 55mm center, 42mm drive side and 32mm left. To compensate for the extra 3mm center, I added a 2mm spacer to the drive side cup. I then used 2 lock rings for the left side to cover the threads (although one would suffice). This left me with an approx. 5mm granny ring clearance and a chainline of around 44mm. The drive crank / chainstay clearance is about 16mm and the left side is about 11mm. Adequate for my purposes! Everything setup well and it shifts just fine to a 6 speed Hyperglide. I hope this might help someone looking to sub a spindle meant for a 70mm shell to a 68mm. I think I may have went a tad over-board on the pics!

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