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thumpism 05-24-21 03:54 PM

Originally Posted by Krov9 (Post 22069522)
That frame must be 49 cm tops, I've never seen the top tube attach to the downtube like that! Wonder how much that downtube to crown tube joint will be flexing?

I built up a Cannondale frame that size for my wife. One of my dealers had one coming in and sold it to me cheap, and when it showed up it turned out to be a Black Lightning frameset so I felt obligated to find as many black components as I could for it. Did a pretty good job but don't have a good photo, unfortunately. Might show up in one of my "group" basement shots.

fabiofarelli 05-27-21 11:53 AM
Gitane road frame with honeycomb dropout adjusted to a cx by Chr Jeucken.

CV-6 05-27-21 01:34 PM

There are a few of these, but they are not at all common. BaCo built Lejeune 753 frame. Lejeune by Baco by L Travers, on Flickr

majmt 05-30-21 07:49 PM

I posted this elsewhere but it is unique. There were only 250 of these 25th anniversary Stumpjumper Classics re-issued in 2006. They even had a special run of the ground control tires from the old molds. Cool idea but they weren’t very popular - nobody really wanted to pay $1,200 for a rigid steel framed mountain bike. Many were just stripped of the components. I got a good deal on this one used and it rides like the original.

Insidious C. 05-31-21 11:32 AM

Deepcherry 06-01-21 05:56 AM

No-one will be impressed
... but I cannot find another example of this frame anywhere. It is not a Specialized Nitanium, as previously suspected.

Ritchey Logic Pro Nitanium frame with a delicious nickel plate finish.

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