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mickey85 10-27-10 08:38 PM

My bikes aren't necessarily one of a kind as I get them, but through personalization, they seem to become one of a kind. It's rather easy to pick my bikes out of a crowd.

Case-in-point - my yellow-tired and cabled Cannondale, or the Nishiki with red overspray. The Fuji Palisade with mismatching rims and Brooks saddle, or the Schwinn "racer" with a kickback hub.

I guess the only thing that "no one else has" (except nlerner), would be the Raleigh Lenton Tourist.

Ivandarken 10-27-10 08:45 PM

There can be only one!

Then there's this... PX-10 waving a British flag and powered by a 52' Sturmey Archer SW hub, with a quadrant shifter, 50's porteur guard...

Or this 1937 Dawes with Cyclo Oppy derailleur and early 531 tubing. Currently enjoying restoration.

Or this nutty LowRacer...

Or this wacky three wheeler with 3 forward speeds and one reverse (while still pedaling forward)... It's got a vintage Dana 3 speed transmission as well as a differential...

Or this lawn mower... thing-bike...

... You can see where this is heading...

Ivandarken 10-27-10 09:07 PM

cyclotoine 10-27-10 09:19 PM

because my wool jersey picture never seem to show up. 1972ish Corky Gulbransen, made in Long Island USA.

RFC 10-28-10 12:44 AM

I had forgotten about this thread. How wonderful and quirky. Just what I needed tonight.

gridplan 10-28-10 01:09 AM

'85/'86 Pinarello Crono. Spotting this frame on eBay, especially with a BIN price, made my day.

Gary Fountain 10-28-10 05:57 AM

I just love the Pinarello - I would love to see more!

Here's my unique bike (there could be another one lurking somewhere in this forum). A early Kenevans Lo-pro.

kingsting 10-28-10 05:30 PM

My all-chrome Raleigh DL-1 variant "Boss Bike" with Dunlop balloon tyres, single speed, B-33, and huge dropstand.

I've seen a few Sports and two DL-1's in chrome but never this model.

I've posted it on many forums over the last several years and nobody has been able to tell me exactly what it is.

kingsting 10-28-10 05:40 PM

How about a 1966 Schwinn Typhoon in violet?

What is so neat about a plain old Typhoon? Schwinn never offered a men's middleweight in the violet color.


After a good cleaning and adding some custom goodies:

And this way cool German headlight with a wind-up clock:

Fish_man 10-28-10 05:43 PM

Originally Posted by kingsting (Post 11697839)
I've posted it on many forums over the last several years and nobody has been able to tell me exactly what it is.

It's beautiful!!!

kingsting 10-28-10 05:46 PM

1992 Klein Rascal in Ultra Violet with a MAG 20 painted to match. The stock color for the Rascal that year was hot pink/violet fade. The solid Violet was considered a custom color and it cost me extra to get it. It was fun working at a Klein dealer back then. You could call to order a bike and talk to Gary Klein if you wanted to.

mickey85 10-28-10 06:15 PM

kingsting, that clock/light rocks my socks!

robtown 10-28-10 06:16 PM

Alan Shorter circa 1972
A German Folder - Marx?

choteau 10-28-10 10:24 PM
My 50's? Phillips Roadster (took two 22" frames and built a 25", no date code on AW, square window indicator nut, 180mm cranks ,and a Flying pigeon chaincase) Tim ps rides smoothly and straight as an arrow "no hands"

the mwb 11-01-10 09:41 AM

Originally Posted by VintageRide (Post 11689104)[IMG]http:...3180015003.jpgAnother chance to "recycle" my only road bike so far. I have posted before but since it likely qualifies: 1978 Sabatini "Record". Managed to hold on to it since new and still take it out a few times a year. Waiting to replace the worn Sedis with a Regina Oro which it originally came with. The last picture was taken in the fall of 1978 not long after I had bought it. I've made a few changes but the majority of components are original.


nice bike too!

martl 11-01-10 04:16 PM

..not a bike yet, but at least a frame: Thierry Marie's TT frame on which he won the 1992 TdF prologue

gridplan 11-01-10 05:00 PM

Now that is unique! You'll have to post pics once it's built.

SteveSGP 11-01-10 05:30 PM

I've seen other Batavus bikes but this is the only one like this that I've run across, kind of sad I sold it but I couldn't afford to keep it in the garage :(

RobbieTunes 11-01-10 05:40 PM

Originally Posted by kingsting (Post 11697881)
And this way cool German headlight with a wind-up clock:

Can you buy those anywhere? I'd build a bike just to mount that light/clock on....seriously...

YoKev 11-01-10 06:34 PM

that light/clock is so cool

Sixty Fiver 11-01-10 10:18 PM

kingsting 11-02-10 07:41 AM

Originally Posted by RobbieTunes (Post 11716307)
Can you buy those anywhere? I'd build a bike just to mount that light/clock on....seriously...

I found it at a car show of all places. I'm not sure of the age of the light or if it was part of a complete lightset.. I have it hooked up to a Miller generator.

devinfan 11-02-10 05:47 PM

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I'm sure at some point there was a line of these at Harrod's, but I'm guessing mine's the only one left!

Drew_Glass 02-19-11 03:54 AM

Mid 1950's Peugeot PL 55, She's in much better condition than appears in this pre-cleaned photo.
Incredible attention to design details, with hand painted linework
Mechanically, she's only ever done about 10 miles.
Work in progress at the moment, more photos will follow when we've got her back in one piece,

Chris_in_Miami 02-19-11 08:29 AM

Beautiful bike Drew, loads of character!

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