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RobbieTunes 01-03-12 04:21 PM

Eastern NC, I-95 East, from VA border, South to about Fayetteville.
Coastal counties on a case by case basis.
Username: RobbieTunes
Contact: Hit the email link then you click on my name.

Chicago Al 01-03-12 06:22 PM

Username: Chicago Al
Contact: PM me with an email address where I can reach you, or even a phone number if it's urgent
Geographical area: Chicago city and suburbs (depending)
Items: Have done a whole bike, have shipped a frame and parts, all successful so far :thumb:

I have an erratic freelance work schedule which sometimes gives me days free when I'd potentially be able to snag and ship a bike.

Alan Edwards 01-07-12 02:29 PM

Well I have done this now a couple times so I might as well put my name on the list. I can cover from Bakersfield to San Diego in the CA. Gas money is about it, and give me a line through the PM.

RobbieTunes 01-11-12 10:46 AM

Looking for help in Portland OR

Chicago Al 01-15-12 12:32 PM

Looking for an assist in Huntington Beach, CA.

jeirvine 01-18-12 10:18 PM

Big shout-out to SamChevre, who nicely facilitated a deal on some great rims for me. Couldn't be happier with the transaction, and he asked for nothing up front and nothing for himself. Swell guy.

Chris_in_Miami 01-19-12 01:52 PM

Throwing my hat into the ring for South Florida. Willing to cover Dade, Broward, and possibly beyond if circumstances allow. Contact me via the email option for quickest response.

edit - providing the relevant info:

Username: Chris_in_Miami
Preferred Contact: e-mail through site.
State(s): Florida
Primary CL City: Broward county (Ft. Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Hollywood, etc.)
Secondary CL Cities: Dade county, and possibly elsewhere.
Items willing to facilitate: Parts to complete bikes.

khatfull 01-19-12 01:58 PM

Guys, I've been a little absent lately and see a few more folks have "signed up".

I'll update the OP list with all the new facilitators this weekend.


khatfull 01-21-12 08:35 AM

All updated. Again, a round of applause for all who have stepped up.

P4D 01-24-12 04:12 PM

I'm looking for help in Milwaukee, anyone in that area?

mbbiker 02-13-12 10:22 AM

I'm an hour north of Milwaukee so depending on the bike/parts exact location I may be able to give you a hand. I would pm you but i'm not allowed to yet due to post count. I work noon-8 you can call my work number which is Wolf cycle - 9204570664

Heatherbikes 02-18-12 04:13 PM

What a great idea! I live in a rural area, so would not be of much use, but many times wished such help existed. I recently realized just how many lovely bikes are in the UK, and UK ebayers unwilling to ship overseas. I know there is one part time volunteer. Anybody else?

zebede 03-27-12 10:28 AM

Username: zebede
Preferred Contact: PM or e-mail through site.
State(s): Florida
Primary CL City: Bradenton, Sarasota, Anna Maria Island, Long Boat Key
Secondary CL Cities: Tampa under extreme duress
Items willing to facilitate: Anything up to whole bikes

ggl205 04-02-12 07:23 AM

Houston, TX facilitation
If the bike is still available, I am looking for a facilitator in the Houston, TX area. habes78023, are you still an active facilitator?


xB_Nutt 04-07-12 05:53 PM

Please remove me.

brooklyn_bike 04-08-12 12:35 PM

sorry for cross posting - figured it wouldn't hurt to try here one time:

^ if there's anyone close by who can snag this for me and hold it - i'll pay you some moneys for the trouble. i can take the chinatown bus in to philly tomorrow (or even late tonight) and pick it up from you anytime. my wife could use a new bike :)

i contacted the seller to see if he'd hold this for me until tomorrow but i haven't heard back yet.

[email protected]

bloud 04-16-12 02:07 PM

Nice Keith! I was just thinking there must be a website or forum for this type of thing. So, I'll offer my services.

Username: bloud
Preferred Contact: PM or e-mail through site.
State(s): California
Primary CL City: San Jose
Secondary CL Cities: little extra time anymore...
Items willing to facilitate: Will ship small parts, will bring a bike to a bike shop, no time for proper packing anymore.

As time permits...

ACH57 04-19-12 05:55 AM

Username: ACH57
Preferred Contact: PM or e-mail firehawk108-at sign-gmail-dot-com
State(s): AZ
Primary CL City: Flagstaff/Prescott I'm right in the middle
Secondary CL Cities: Phoenix
Items willing to facilitate: small items up to whole bikes

puchfinnland 04-21-12 02:05 PM

Username: puchfinnland
Preferred Contact: PM or e-mail mhanyi at yahoo dot com
Country Finland
CITY near Helsinki
Items willing to facilitate: small items up to whole bikes

I know it is a longshot that there is something in finland sombody wants..
Any bike in the country could be sent to me by bus service, and I would repack it.

Nerdy Norm 04-27-12 02:12 AM

Username: Nerdy Norm (real name Nick)
Preferred Contact: PM (set up with email alert)
Primary location: Belgium
Secondary location: UK

I am based in Belgium, and I also have a UK storage unit which I rent specifically to have UK Ebay items sent to. I visit the unit every 2 - 4 weeks to collect whatever's there. It would be no problem for members to use either my Belgium or UK address to have stuff shipped to, but I have to limit it to smaller items (i.e. not bikes, frames, wheels...).

Unfortunately I don't have time/resources to personally visit sellers, collect items, etc.

I'm new to the forum, but the guys here have so far been incredibly helpful, so hope I can "pay it forward" :)

old's'cool 04-28-12 08:38 AM

Updating my info (I move way too much!)

Username: old's'cool
Preferred Contact: PM
Location: Ontario, Canada
Primary CL Cities: Kitchener-Waterloo (also check kijiji: )
Secondary CL Cities: Guelph, Cambridge
Items willing to facilitate: anything (within reason)
Special Notes: I will be moving house sometime in the late summer or sooner from Kitchener to somewhere in southeast Michigan.
So if you need something large brought down at low to no cost (e.g. a bike) and aren't in a hurry, I could bring it for you when I move.

Khatfull, please make sure you remove me from the CO facilitator list. Thanks!

sray 05-11-12 06:54 AM

looking for a hand in rockville maryland.

ps this is a ridiculously nice thing for anyone to volunteer for. and i say that out of mn, where everybody is nice.

ZeRinger 05-15-12 09:36 PM

Anyone in Escondido, CA or the vicinity? Need someone on the ground to pay for a bike with cash and drop it off at a bike shop for shipping.

afilado 05-21-12 05:01 PM

I'm in Chattanooga TN. I watch:

Atlanta/Knoxville/Nashville/Birmingham and places in between.

I'm not as active in my own rounds anymore but depending on the interesting circumstances, I'll help my BF brothers and sisters.

Feel free to make contact. PM is a fine beginning



Johnonaschwinn 06-03-12 06:06 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Help in St Louis please John 323-333-5081 [email protected]

I have bought a 1930's BSA Track bike and need help with shipping. My bike is with the seller :( and I need to get it home to Los Angeles

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