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RobbieTunes 12-26-12 12:32 PM

Needed in Northern NJ or Brooklyn.

He can deliver to Brooklyn, lives in NJ.
The frameset is intact w/headset.
The seat tube would be detached.

Need boxed and shipped.
I can print and send shipping label.
I'll be paying the seller straight.
I can pay reasonable packing/convenience fees.

Promise not to laugh when you see the frameset.

canyoneagle 01-06-13 11:28 PM

I can facilitate Western Colorado - specifically Grand Junction and vicinity, including Moab, UT and up to Aspen/Vail if the buyer is willing to pay most of the gas. I can add Durango in the warmer months.

jeirvine 01-08-13 09:28 PM

I have to say, facilitation rocks. I have been on the receiving end, (I got some great rims for next to nothing), and now have just completed a full bike facilitated purchase and shipping for a forum member. It went without a hitch. I get all the fun of the N+1 process: finding, inspecting, haggling, buying, and bringing home, without ultimately adding to the herd or costing me anything. It's a win-win process, and I encourage folks to sign up.

tjkwood 01-09-13 10:17 AM

I'm in the UK (Oxford to be precise) so I can facilitate for any US members needing anything from here :)

Bianchigirll 01-14-13 08:09 AM

Is anyone in Houston? The timing stinks and I need this like a new pair of shoes but I have been sorta of loking for one of these. It is a nostalgia thing.

side.g 01-28-13 11:07 AM

need help in Rockwood Ont, mississauga/peel region

ericssonboi 02-07-13 03:16 PM

Looking for someone to facilitate in Denver, Co. I see a few people here are from Colorado but not too sure if anyone is available at this time. It would be for a wheelset and shipping can be within CONUS or to Canada. Thanks

ericssonboi 02-07-13 03:19 PM


Originally Posted by side.g (Post 15207919)
need help in Rockwood Ont, mississauga/peel region

Can possible assist depending where in Ontario. What bike is this?

road2you 02-10-13 02:21 AM

i just saw this, and would be willing to help.
i saw someone in SD but no one in OC.
so i would be willing to help if its in or around Orange County.
La is kinda out of my way tho.

Username: road2you
Preferred Contact: PM or e-mail through site.
State(s): Orange County CA (949)(714)
Primary CL City:
Items willing to facilitate: small items up to whole bikes

yellowbarber 02-26-13 11:48 PM

Username: yellowbarber
Preferred Contact: PM or e-mail through site.
State(s): NY/NJ/CT tristate
Primary CL City: New York City
Secondary CL Cities: Newport News, Va./ London, England / Bristol, England / Paris, France
Items willing to facilitate: have space for small items up to whole bikes. Check first about UK/EU - Can bring small items back from UK/Europe, possibly whole bikes back as far as NYC.

Lascauxcaveman 02-28-13 03:24 PM

This frame that I don't need right now but will probably not resurface any time soon (and so cheap!).

Anyone in Cinci want to snap this up and mail it to me? Ad has been up awhile, but it has a phone #, so it'd be easy to check if it's still available.

Lascauxcaveman 02-28-13 03:39 PM

Add me as a facilitator, too:

I'm in the extreme NW corner of the ConUS and I usually buy any interesting C&V that comes up here for myself, but, you never know.

Username: Lascauxcaveman
Preferred contact: PM
State: WA
Primary CL City: Olympic Peninsula (Port Angles, Sequim, Port Townsend, Victoria BC)
Items willing to facilitate: small items up to whole bikes

Bianchigirll 03-03-13 08:59 AM

Is this close to anyone in the Twin Cities to check it out? I think the price is so so but I would like to have someone look at it and maybe help facilitate it.

sray 03-14-13 10:58 PM

any friendly souls out there in boston?

jdefran 03-19-13 03:38 PM

Anyone near Magalia, CA?

Germany_chris 04-08-13 03:51 AM

I'll check stuff out in my area of Germany. I'll also receive stuff from ebay and mail it USPS back to the states. If it's a frame keep in mind that I mailed my former Serotta Legend Ti back to the states frame and packaging weighed 9# but was 2" oversize and it was $100.

Velognome 04-23-13 11:15 AM

Looking for someone to help with a possible "collect in person" in KEIGHLEY WEST YORKSHIRE, UK and ship to USA for me. Bike will be paid in full before pick up, I'll send funds for packing and shipping and travel expenses.

Newbie99 05-13-13 03:10 PM


could anynone help me to recognize this model of Raleigh?

Did it Grand Prix?

I don't know the year of production.

Nerdy Norm 05-13-13 03:23 PM


Newbie99 05-13-13 03:42 PM

Thanks for fast answer! :)

I think about buy this bike and make him fixie.

dohc97 06-05-13 05:44 PM

anyone around rochester, ny? looking for someone to pickup and ship a bike for me, i dont trust that the seller will do it properly. if someone can please email me at [email protected] since im unable to send pm. thank you.

gingi310 06-07-13 10:06 PM

Username: gingi310
Preferred Contact: PM or e-mail through site.
State(s): California
Primary CL City: San Francisco
Secondary CL Cities: San Francisco Bay Area
Items willing to facilitate: small items up to whole bikes

puchfinnland 06-09-13 02:12 AM

please move me from list.

finland to baltimore maryland as of 19th this month

seypat 06-21-13 07:14 AM

User name: seypat
Preferred contact: PM or email through site.
State: Virginia
Primary CL city: Richmond
Secondary cities: Surrounding areas and then some.
Items willing: small items up to whole bikes.

big chainring 07-28-13 06:20 PM

Anyone able to help in Wausau Wisconsin? I am uinterested in a bike ther. Shipping to Chicago would be the best, or maybe meeting in Wisconsin, if you dont mind driving.

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