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btpdragon 07-31-13 10:13 AM

Anyone in the Stockton, CA area that can help me out with picking up and shipping a CL bike?

heybuddy 08-14-13 11:47 AM

Anybody in San Diego out there to help with a Craigslist bike?

PDXaero 08-17-13 10:43 PM

I'll go ahead and throw my hat in the ring for Portland seeing as I have facilitated 4 bikes already without being on this list.

Username: PDXaero
Preferred Contact: PM
States: Oregon, Washington
Primary CL City: Portland
Secondary CL Cities: Biking distance of Portland
Items willing to facilitate: Anything I can portage in one bike trip.

Also, just realized the only Boston area contact hasnt been on the site in a while.
Anyone around Boston able to ship my partners bike home after her cross country tour?
She's flying back and taking a bike with costs $200

OTS 08-25-13 05:21 AM

Could use a facilitator for something on the Milwaukee CL.
PM me
thanks, Rick

Johnonaschwinn 09-03-13 10:53 PM

I need help in Austin TXdropping a bike off to be shipped to Los Angeles, CA

I am also now available to help in the Los Angeles area. I have friends with a packing store a block away from my house. John Los Angeles, CA

retyred 09-10-13 12:07 PM

Anyone available in the Boston area to help with a possible CL purchase? I'm in California.

_dylan 09-10-13 07:07 PM

Anyone in Bridgeport, CT?

dohc97 09-21-13 02:21 PM

anyone in Portland? already pm'ed guy above but looking for someone asap. please pm me if you are willing and able to pickup and ship a frame+fork.


top506 09-21-13 06:47 PM

Which Portland? East or West coast?


dohc97 09-21-13 07:22 PM

sorry, west coast. Portland, Oregon

Puget Pounder 09-28-13 05:59 PM

Could use some help in Eugene, OR, if you are available. Would greatly appreciate it. It's not a bike or bike frame, so it's fairly easy to ship!


Schlug 09-29-13 10:13 AM

I'm available:

Username: Schlug
Preferred Contact: PM
States: Ontario, Michigan, Northern Ohio, maybe Indiana
Primary CL City: Windsor, Detroit
Secondary CL Cities: Ann Arbor, Toledo, Sarnia.
Items willing to facilitate: Bicycles, frames, etc.

Puget Pounder 09-30-13 12:39 AM

How about someone in Maricopa/Chandler, AZ (near Phoenix)? Thanks!

yellowbarber 09-30-13 03:12 AM

I'm in France, Paris ╬DF until Dec.
Can facilitate small parts to bring with in Dec, and whole bikes if you have shipping options in mind.

Orrery 10-02-13 09:26 AM

Anyone in Boulder, CO that could pick up a Lemond frame on CL?

puchfinnland 10-02-13 09:41 AM

throw me in the list..
Username: puchfinnland
Preferred Contact: PM
States: Maryland,
Primary CL City: Baltimore
Secondary CL Cities: in the area-ask
Items willing to facilitate: Bicycles, frames, etc.

jet sanchEz 10-09-13 11:20 AM

This thread seems to be the place for this-----is there anyone near Albany, NY that could facilitate this Serotta fork for me?

lanciat 11-17-13 04:19 PM

Can anyone help facilitate shipping of a bike located north of Atlanta (Buford, GA, to be specific) to Philadelphia? PM me if you can. Thanks for any and all help!

David325 11-17-13 05:24 PM

Looks like the main post hasn't been updated in a while. My primary location has changed to Boston. However, I'm still in the Fairfield County CT and NYC area on occasion, so feel free to PM me to check!

snafuboy90814 11-18-13 12:13 PM

If anybody could facilitate in Milwaukee for a CL ad please email at cyclist_0987 at yahoo dot com
I am under 50 posts so I still can't pm.
Thank you so much!

revcp 12-09-13 07:51 AM

Username: revcp
Preferred Contact: email revcirclepines at gmail dot com
State(s): Minnesota
Primary CL City: Minneapolis
Items willing to facilitate: Will ship smaller items, prepaid. Frame/Bike pick ups, will deliver to LBS for boxing and shipping

mikemowbz 12-11-13 05:12 AM

As someone who's benefited from facilitation, who has come pretty close to benefiting further, who appreciates the spirit and the experience, and who has had inquiries about helping with facilitation already, I'll throw my hat in so that there's a Canadian representative on the West Coast:

Username: mikemowbz
Preferred Contact:

State(s )...or Province(s): British Columbia
Primary CL City: Vancouver
Secondary CL Cities: Richmond, Burnaby, North Vancouver (pretty much Vancouver)

Items willing to facilitate: small items up to whole bikes

I don't drive, however, so really only able to deal with items within the City of Vancouver proper, or in immediately adjoining suburbs.

ham 12-17-13 09:07 PM

Anyone in Philadelphia?

dohc97 12-19-13 07:26 PM

Anyone close to kennesaw , Georgia?

dpom 01-08-14 10:57 AM

Looling for help from RobE30 or someone in Philly. Pls DM me, I dont have enough posts yet :(

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