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photogravity 09-04-11 11:36 AM

I just posted my location... I live in the middle of a traffic circle or roundabout as they say in other parts of the world. :)

ahandley 03-13-12 03:09 PM

Just added mine. Big Al's Bicycles.

conradpdx 03-26-12 11:18 AM

Can't believe I'm only the second one in Portland Oregon. I kinda figured we'd be about 1/2 of them listed.

nuron 04-05-12 12:46 AM

Added mine to Seattle

puchfinnland 04-05-12 01:34 PM

I just love my address, one word will find me in google "puolikuja"

dont know how to ad it

mike in finland

fusatia 04-26-12 01:04 PM

Added... surprised to see nobody else within 100 miles of me.

Bianchigirll 05-18-12 07:25 AM

Is anyone near Datona Beach??? Coulld you look at a bike for me? maybe help facilitate the shipping??


whatwolf 05-20-12 08:34 PM

Wow, first person in NYC? I am now swimming in the east river in the direction of my house.

Mr_Wrench 06-16-12 12:29 AM

Kansas city, Missouri-- yes, we get a little surly.

Centrally located for optimal shipping needs.(tips appreciated)

AZORCH 06-19-12 11:01 AM


Originally Posted by Mr_Wrench (Post 14363792)
Kansas city, Missouri-- yes, we get a little surly.

Centrally located for optimal shipping needs.(tips appreciated)

Add yourself to the map... Missouri is looking' awfully sparse!

rotharpunc 08-21-12 09:38 PM

I cant make the map work...Appleton, WI

Branimir 08-24-12 05:41 PM

Added, greets from Croatia!

Sixty Fiver 08-24-12 06:01 PM

Like it says in my sig... YEG / PDX

Today it is YEG and two days ago it was PDX and in a week and a half it will somewhere in between... :)

Shaneferd 08-25-12 03:29 PM

Appleton, hey. Available for right time facilitation.

-holiday76 08-25-12 10:27 PM

Mine still says Philly but its been San Jose ca for 7 months and will be for at least a few more years.

balkanac 08-30-12 02:36 AM


Originally Posted by Branimir (Post 14649374)
Added, greets from Croatia!

Pozdrav sused/ hello neighbour


Phil_gretz 09-19-12 06:55 AM

I can't believe that I waited two years, finally added. No one else in Northern VA? Phil G.

jrickards 10-10-12 10:03 AM

I've just added myself. I can't believe that there are so few from Ontario, Canada! Although, our friend from Thunder Bay hasn't added himself (I forget his handle).

custom753 10-31-12 01:21 PM

The only one in the entire Southern Hemisphere!

g eisler 11-04-12 02:22 AM

Now CnV in Scotland, Tsunoda man is on the map.

obrentharris 01-03-13 08:24 PM

I'm on the map! Not many maps even have Lagunitas on them. (population 600 plus or minus) But there appear to be two different maps on two different pages now. I'm on page 2. Any way to consolidate the two?

thryn 01-24-13 04:19 PM

Dropped an anchor on Island Park here in Sarasota. A mile from work, 3 or so from my house. Great sunset spot. Thought about marking my favorite pub instead ... the bikes do spend more time there. ;)

ascherer 01-30-13 05:44 PM

Put mine in, is nobody else on Long Island willing to raise their hand?

yellowbarber 02-26-13 11:54 PM

Just added myself in NYC. I'm near Union Square. I collect old Sturmey bits and the like. If it's British before 1980, consider me interested.

aidanpringle 04-09-13 08:43 AM

Scotland !

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