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RobE30 09-04-10 09:15 PM

Upgrade shifters and brake levers
I'm not sure if this goes here or appraisals. If I posted wrong, please move.

I have 2 bikes (mid 80's Bridgestone 200 w/ stem shifters and safety levers and a mid 80's Fuji Allegro w/ stem shifters and safety levers) that I plan on selling at the upcoming swap meet. Should I a) leave them alone or b) install d/t shift levers and aero levers (don't have any clamp on shifters)?

They are nice looking bikes but, people say yuck to stem shifters :rolleyes:

John E 09-04-10 09:19 PM

You might fool some folks with the swap, but savvy buyers will recognize the frame or model name as low-end, irrespective of what shifters are installed. If you can find a set of barcons at a bargain basement price, that would be a simple conversion.

Some folks may want the stem shifters, to keep things as original as possible.

wrk101 09-04-10 09:48 PM

Sometimes I upgrade, sometimes I don't. (Its almost always been a mistake when I upgraded). Many buyers of bikes at that level prefer stem shifters and turkey levers (and kick stands too). So my basic advice is to not do it, you will not get the money back out of the bikes.

tmh657 09-04-10 10:29 PM

Originally Posted by wrk101 (Post 11412182)
Many buyers of bikes at that level prefer stem shifters and turkey levers (and kick stands too).

+1. I have removed turkey levers and kick stands only to have buyers ask me if I have any I can install. The buyer does not want to "reach" for the brakes as they say.

RobE30 09-05-10 04:17 AM

Excellent. That sounds simple and simple is good

roccobike 09-05-10 06:54 AM

I'm going to spoil your day and recommend aero levers for the Bridgstone. Aero levers improve braking and a Bridgestone might attracked a higher end buyer.

wrk101 09-05-10 07:34 AM

I have been using up my stash of Nashbar aerolevers. I bought them when they had them on sale for $4 a pair, that's half the price of basic lever hoods!

But I don't know that buyers appreciate them. Some bikes I upgrade just because I like them that way, but financially, its stupid. I do think that attention to detail and a couple of nice upgrades improve your word of mouth and referrals. So maybe I make the money back that way.

I just put aerolevers and DT shifters on two 1973 Nishiki Internationals I refurbished. I did one with red, and the other with yellow accents (both were blue 1973 Internationals, 22 inch frame size). I just like the way it looks. And I wanted an International back in 1973 when I was in high school, but I could not afford one. I've since found the red crank dust caps and installed pedals. I might just keep this one.

And as found:
thrifty bill

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