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tadhger 10-23-10 11:45 AM

Need help with tire sizing !!!!!!!!!!!
I have an old french, I think hybrid and I wanted to know what size were the tires it says 700 x 400, could anyone tell me what size this is in inches

velo-orange 10-23-10 12:50 PM

Is it possibly a 700x40C tire?

It's a 622 bead diameter.
The closest 'inch' size would be 27"but 27" tires are not compatible with that rim.
If you are replacing the tire, you should look for a 700c diameter. Any tire with from 32 to 45mm should work, assuming the rim width is correct for the tires already on there.

NormanF 10-23-10 02:20 PM

622 mm, I think. Only a LBS can tell you for sure what tires fit.

Beware that in the Low Lands and Germany, 700 also confusingly refers to roadsters, which will have 635 mm rims.

The odds are good though your old French bike has the former measurements.

tadhger 10-28-10 01:54 PM

Cheers for ur help

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