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colnago2 12-01-10 04:16 PM

vintage colnago
Just wondering if anyone out there is looking to sell an old Colnago from the 70's to mid 80's? It seems impossible to buy anything on ebay that's not just the frame. Does anyone sell whole bikes anymore? I ride a 58cm. Let me know. Thanks alot.

aixaix 12-01-10 05:04 PM

No relation to seller- just saw the listing.

cudak888 12-01-10 05:11 PM

Originally Posted by aixaix (Post 11870786)

No relation to seller- just saw the listing.

He never got back to me.


aixaix 12-01-10 05:25 PM

Bummer! It does seem like a too-good price.

Daveyates 12-01-10 05:40 PM

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You should try in my neighbourhood.
The complete bike is 250 euros
The second complete bike but in parts except cables is 450 euros.
There seems to be quite a few in France.

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