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brooklyn_bike 04-05-12 10:18 AM

^ i love that olmo! wish i had a spare frame to trade...

4Rings6Stars 04-05-12 10:54 AM

Have: 60cm 1974 Paramount touring model. Rider, not a collectible.
Want: 52-54cm. American, Italian, Belgian...

Trade completed, thanks speltmelt for the Tommasini!

speltmelt 04-05-12 05:07 PM

hi4rings6stars- i am new and don't have enough posts to pm. please email me at jockoc t at ya h00 dot c0m to discuss a possible trade. i am local in the boston area and have a nice 52cm c-t tommasini frame i am planning to unload. thanks!

billstickly1 04-05-12 11:48 PM


Originally Posted by ronnylee61 (Post 14047556)
I have a very nice 62cm KHS Professional frame in Reynolds 531 with chromed fork shoulders and lugs. Very nice. I would consider trading for the Raleigh Superbe frame. See pics of it built, here:

Nice bike, thanks for the offer, not what I am looking for, most likely looking for something much older, I know this is an 81, I would like something earlier

ridealot100 04-06-12 10:58 AM

Basso Frameset 52cm (tretubi)
Rino headset
Frame pump + campy head

Looking for something in 54cm.

sparrish 04-10-12 09:01 AM

I have an '83 Merckx Professionel, 60CM. Interested in trade for 56cm of similar quality

wrote4luck 04-12-12 06:37 PM

I have a 60cm 1982 Daccordi Telaio Turbo that I would like to trade for a similar quality Italian frame but in 58cm. The Turbo was Daccordi's top of the line model, and incorporate custom drawn and shaped Columbus SL tubes and stays. The down tube and seat tube are aero shaped, and the top tube is clover shaped kind of like a Colnago. It's in excellent shape.

olek 04-15-12 09:24 AM

1987 Panasonic DX-5000 56cm
That year it was their second-from top model.

Tange 1 tubing, tange fork.

Wish it was in my size.

seat post c-c 22" 56cm
top tube c-c 22" 56cm (catalog 55cm)
chainstays 41cm
wheelbase measured 39" = 990mm (catalog 990mm)
weighted at 23.5lb, ready to ride (100% original with full Shimano 600EX group)

Very good overall condition, some minor use marks present, but honestly this frame looks the best from my stable. Chrome is in factory-like condition without any cleaning.

Comes as a frameset, (frame + fork + Shimano 600 headset).

Looking for high quality frameset in good condition, very tall with shortish top tube, in other words around 63x57.
If you have high quality (sport-)touring frameset in 48-50cm, I may be interested as well, to build a bike for my wife.

puchfinnland 04-15-12 12:55 PM

dirt cheap 531 tubed Austro Daimler 60cm frame on ebay, no bids at 80 dollars
its a mid 70's frame

nlaspf 04-15-12 02:22 PM

I got this off Craigslist where the buyer listed it incorrectly as a 52. It could fit me, but I know it's going to bug me forever that's not my size so I'm looking to trade it.

Bianchi SBX, about 1993. Columbus SBX tubing. Seat tube: 55 c-t, 53 c-c. Top tube: 54. The paint is not the best of shapes but it seems to be original. No fork. More pics and info here:

Looking for something in 51-52cm of equivalent quality. Preferably italian. I'm in the LA area. I've seen a couple of options on this thread but I can't send PMs so if you PM me include an email.

EDIT: It's gone!

ecnewell 04-18-12 01:35 PM

1984 Miyata Two Ten w/ replacement fork (I will include the bent original as well). Had it checked out by a professional mechanic, and there is no crash damage to the frame. Seat tube: 53cm c-c. Top tube: 56cm c-c.

The paint is a little rough and there is some surface rust, but it's still a good rider or respray candidate, just too big for me. I'm looking to trade for something comparable around 50cm square.

shnibop 04-18-12 03:00 PM

Have a carbon Alan frame set in near mint condition, 56x56 c-c, includes Shimano 600 aero seat post in 25mm size. Frame set has less than 300 miles since new!

Mid 80's model with seat tube and down tube that go inside the BB shell vs over it. Originally branded as a Nishiki but original owner removed decals as soon as he got it home. There is no difference between this Alan and any other of that year, no matter what it was branded. Alan stamped on fork crown and seat stay caps. Shifter bosses and one set of bottle cage bosses.

Looking for the same thing in a 58cm seat tube. Also consider an aluminum version or Vitus branded carbon or aluminum version.

Also looking for something of the steel lugged variety, 56cm-58cm, English or French preferably. Reynolds 531 a plus. A nice frame set with Campagnolo dropouts for example, not anything low end.
IMG_2691 by shnibop, on Flickr
IMG_2700 by shnibop, on Flickr
IMG_2696 by shnibop, on Flickr
IMG_2695 by shnibop, on Flickr
IMG_2692 by shnibop, on Flickr
IMG_2703 by shnibop, on Flickr
IMG_2693 by shnibop, on Flickr
IMG_2702 by shnibop, on Flickr
IMG_2705 by shnibop, on Flickr
IMG_2704 by shnibop, on Flickr

more pics here: Alan carbon frame set

Otto Rax 04-20-12 10:23 AM

HAVE: Unbranded, repainted (black) hand-built English frame. Reynolds 531 tubing, thinned and filed prugnat long-point lugs, campy drops. 55 ctc. Looks to be Claud Butler or Holdsworth, but the fine mitering and pinning inside the tubes hints at a more precision hand-made frame.

WANT: 57-58 frame, preferably columbus, reynolds, or ishiwata tubing. Straight trade, or trade+ from me
email me what you have: pedalcrusher (a) gmail [dot] com

David Newton 04-20-12 10:34 AM

**** Rax, please edit your post to remove the $ sign.
We like "for trade" forums & don't want to lose them.

Geo_08 04-21-12 11:39 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I have a 62cm trek 1420 frame, fork and headset, would like to trade for something smaller, along the lines of a 56.

Mort Canard 04-22-12 03:07 PM

5 Attachment(s)
Want to trade a Panasonic 1988 DX 3000 frame 61cm seat tube ctt, 57cm top tube ctc. Shimano 105 downtube shifters are included. Paint is in decent condition but with the usual scratches and a previous owner has engraved their SSN into the bottom bracket and bottom of the top tube. Can't be seen with the bike upright. Frame has two WB mounts and cable guides at bottom bracket. There are no dents that I can find, but there is a small amount of surface rust . I can provide more pictures or info upon request.

ISO a steel lugged frame same vintage or older with 56-57cm seat tube in similar condition to the DX 3000. Reynolds, Columbus or Tange tubing would be a plus. Good paint would be nice but bad paint wouldn't be a deal breaker. Could provide a little bump for a bit nicer frame.

bearcat714 04-23-12 02:25 PM

Have a Panasonic 500 frame and fork (32" SO) and a Ross Gran Tour frame and fork (31 1/2" SO). These are too tall for me. I realize that they are not Raleighs. I think they are both Giant products in Chromaloy.
If anyone is interested

irvri 04-25-12 12:02 AM

Giordana Antaras 58c, looking to trade frameset (or possibly entire bike) for something 50-54cm

Edit* also have this 60st,57.5st Centurio LeMans RS

Chris_in_Miami 04-25-12 08:53 AM

I'd like to trade up an inch to a better fitting Super Course. This is a 20-1/2" frame from 1973 in great condition. I'm looking for a 21-1/2" 531-framed Raleigh in good condition, but it doesn't have to be a Super Course or the same year.

DirtyHarry714 04-25-12 01:48 PM


Originally Posted by DirtyHarry714 (Post 14032522)

1976-78 Austro Daimler AD-SL Frame and Fork, 63cm Seat tube, 3 tube Reynolds 531, 1 inch steer tube

Contact me for more info/pics, Looking for a 60cm frame and fork, Local pickup is a + but i wouldn't mind shipping it within the country.



Still available, contact me by PM if interested



jake coye 04-26-12 02:39 PM

I have a 62cm '85 red/silver Centurion Ironman frameset, 58cm '86 celeste Bianchi Supper Leggera frameset. Need-60cm Ironman or comp TA frameset Thanks for looking, Jake

realestvin7 04-26-12 11:43 PM

I'm offering up an '84 Stumpjumper Sport frame. It's a pretty rare orange model, fully lugged (lugged unicrown fork, too) and has a nice patina. It does have a few tiny dings. It's an 18" and I'd fit better on something around 20". I'd like to stick with something similar. What do you guys have?

jake coye 04-29-12 07:27 AM


Originally Posted by irvri (Post 14141544)
Giordana Antaras 58c, looking to trade frameset (or possibly entire bike) for something 50-54cm

Edit* also have this 60st,57.5st Centurio LeMans RS

Irvri, I'm too new to pm you, please contact me about the Centurion frameset. Thanks, Jake

23skidoo 04-30-12 11:13 AM

I have this Zullo frame and fork--the seller called it a 54 and I neglected to ask how he was measuring--that is in very nice cosmetic and mechanical condition. The downtube and Columbus Aelle tubing decals are flaking and there are some small, scattered chips to the paint. All the components will be donors, so I have just a bare frame/fork I'd prefer to trade for something of similar vintage and quality. She measures 52cm seat tube and 54cm top tube, center-to-center.

More viewing here:

Epicus07 04-30-12 03:04 PM

2000 Litespeed Classic Frame/Fork/ Chorus Headset
ST: 60cm / TT: 59cm

Looking for any nice 54-56cm.

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