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HarborBandS 09-27-18 02:37 PM

Originally Posted by shoota (Post 20588500)
Does anyone have a 56-58cm mid to late 80s 27" wheeled frame (or complete) for sale? I have a WTB in the sale section too. I'm thinking '86 Prelude or late 80s Le Tour. I have....plans...

I have a really nice 1986 Schwinn Prelude 23Ē (~58cm) that I was going to sell in the Spring. But I could part with it earlier. Has a few nicks and scratches, but clear coat is still shiny! I am in the western suburbs of Chicago.

Gunmetal Grey. All original except for bar tape (crummy termination job), rim strips, tubes, and newer Continental Ultra Sport tires. Also has newer headset lock ring in place of ugly old galvanized reflector bracket. Reflectors, toe clips, and ďdork diskĒ are missing.

HarborBandS 09-27-18 02:46 PM

Originally Posted by shoota (Post 20588500)
Does anyone have a 56-58cm mid to late 80s 27" wheeled frame (or complete) for sale? I have a WTB in the sale section too. I'm thinking '86 Prelude or late 80s Le Tour. I have....plans...

Itís a crappy picture, but itís all I have access to here at work.

mkeller234 09-28-18 10:01 AM

I weighed my 1985 tempo today. Iíve added a cyclometer, other that that it is almost exactly how it was specíd in the catalogs. Tires, bar tape, reflectors and dork disk are either removed or changed.

377oz total, about 23.5 lbs

Kdogbikes 09-28-18 05:55 PM

Speaking of 27 1/4 [email protected] shoota.... Pic of my prelude. Rough rural roads in my neck of the woods so these wheels work and ride great.

brandenjs 10-12-18 08:31 PM

Picked this up today. 1988 Tempo. 105 group and looks to be all original. In need of a full restore, but well deserving of a better life. Canít wait to post the after photos.

HarborBandS 10-29-18 08:36 AM

1987 Schwinn Super Sport
Here is 1987 Schwinn Super Sport. I started with just a frame, which I had powder coated. I then built this up with all new components, except for the stem, which I bought used on eBay. I really like how it rides, and itís about four pounds lighter than my all vintage Prelude.

RiddleOfSteel 10-30-18 12:23 AM

Yup, needed an official entry here as well!

RiddleOfSteel 11-04-18 12:44 PM

It's been a while for my 1987 Prologue, and it has received some updates, chiefly in the area of weight reduction, or should I say, making the lightest fully lugged steel bike I can with normal pieces. Things to do when you're bored, I guess. And if my mail scale is right--weighing each element as it has an 11 lb limit--it checks in at just 41g over 19.0 lb (sans bottle cage). I have a mini hang scale that shows the weight essentially the same. I know a Park Tool hang scale (official, large, dual hook) at a bike shop that is optimistic and will likely read somewhere in the 18.6-18.75 lb range, which of course is appealing to me as the whole endeavor was to see if I could build a 19.0 lb bike. Regardless of numbers hunting, ditching the perfectly good 7900 shifters for period-correct 6400 brake levers and 7900 down tube shifters has netted, to my delight, a much more lithe front end. Over 120g / 1/4 lb is off the handlebars, with the additional benefit of a lever body that is more slender (the 7900 shifters are comfortable, though a touch chunky when gripping), increasing the feeling of lightness. You heard it here, if not first, then confidently: brake lever design/thickness and resulting fit, when paired with the bike properly, can heighten certain aspects/good traits of a frame or bike. Too slender a lever body on a bulky/heavy bike is incongruous and the character of the lever belies the nature of the bike it's on. Similarly, too chunky a lever body on a delicate or light-footed bike is incongruous, the levers conveying too strong a feeling of solidity/indestructibility while the frame/bike prefers to fly and dance beneath. Consider my move to 6400 levers an alignment of character. Looks great, too, IMO. ;)

Indoor photos due to constant RAIN!

ryansu 11-04-18 04:45 PM

1987 LeTour I picked up for cheap to sell on -not my size.

as found

minus a rear brake

And as it sits today - waxed frame, rebuilt BB and HS. Lubed seat post and stem, left the bar tape and brake levers as found. Replacement rear brake installed.

cooperryder 11-05-18 08:06 AM

Originally Posted by Bahnzo (Post 20584313)
My 1986/87 Passage from a number of years ago. Still have it, but with racks and bags and new parts, etc. Still my favorite bike.

Hey Bahnzo,

I was able to lighten your photo a bit.

I have a Passage in the dark blue color.
I haven't seen many in the color of yours.
Do you know what it's called?

Why is it your fav?
I ask because mine is also my fav.

Apparently the Columbus Tenax tubing is pretty good stuff.

I know there are so many factors in why folks really like or dislike a bike. A few like fit, aesthetics, ride quality, geometry, and a host of others.

What works for one individual may not for another.

Well, there is something special about how this Passage rides for me.

I've had lots of different bicycles over the years and my preferences have evolved. Among them have been about a half dozen touring bikes.

I was surprised this Passage rides lighter for me than it is, around 26 pounds, maybe 27, I need to check that again.

It seems to have enough flex to seem to work with me when on flat roads and pushing myself a bit and especially out of the saddle and going uphill.
Some call this planing.

I don't understand all the specifics of how that works.

I would have thought it being a touring oriented model it would be a bit stiffer with a thicker tubeset
than a road bike or race bike.

Anyone know the tubeset thicknesses?

A guy on one forum bought a device that measures that and from what I read it's pretty accurate.

Anyway it would be interesting to know.

Part of the enjoyment may be the supple Vittoria Voyager Hyper tires that measure 40mm wide on Dyad rims.

At any rate I am enjoying it a lot.

I'm running Sunlite North Road alloy upright handlebars on mine with Paul Thumbies utilizing the original Sachs Huret DT shifters.

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