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Chris_in_Miami 02-16-11 08:01 PM

Here's the 89 Prelude I picked up last week for my wife. I haven't done anything to it yet, but will probably start working on it next week.

Oregon Southpaw 02-16-11 08:28 PM

I want to sneak in here and post a picture of Bill's Prologue before he does. I lust after that bike. In lieu of doing that

Anyway, here's my dad's Tempo. It was upgraded to all RSX100 when he bought it in 85. I ride this bike every chance I get.
Yes the stem is fugly, here it is in operation
Here it is in operation, "vintage" shot:

And here's my Circuit, waiting to go off to the framebuilder's to replace a broken drop-out:
And a picture of it in service

brockd15 02-17-11 10:31 AM

Originally Posted by realestvin7 (Post 12236872)
I picked up this '87 Tempo a couple weeks ago. It needs a new, taller home.

I'm pretty sure I emailed back and forth with the guy who originally had that bike listed. I considered getting it for the parts but decided not to bother. Nice bike, though.

arc2055 02-17-11 10:59 AM

Originally Posted by tugrul (Post 12237012)
Nice try, but I have my Tempo, albeit a 23" one. My lust, however irrational it may be, is growing for the Peloton. I don't think even a Circuit would keep me from looking for a Peloton, and I just don't have the room anymore :p

Yes to the Peloton, especially an 85 ;) Clearly you should replace the Tempo with one haha

realestvin7 02-17-11 11:01 AM

Originally Posted by brockd15 (Post 12239533)
I'm pretty sure I emailed back and forth with the guy who originally had that bike listed. I considered getting it for the parts but decided not to bother. Nice bike, though.

Yeah, I bought it for the Brooks basically. It is a great riding bike, just too tall. It's going to it's new home in Florida next week. I sold it last night.

4funbikes 02-17-11 11:19 AM

Only looked through a few pages so far, but I like what I see!
Here is how I bought my circuit about 2 years ago..

Recently updated as of about a week ago. Still needs a few odds and ends..
Dura ace 9spd get up.
The stem/headset area looks really good together.

crazyb 02-17-11 03:33 PM

Traveler late 80s
a collection

916calinotch 02-23-11 06:49 PM

I just found a 1986 Prelude in my dad's attic. I am impressed by all the bike on here. I have to post a picture of mine.

bikenut2011 02-23-11 07:17 PM

^^^ Would love to see!! Can you post it on Flickr or Photobucket etc... Facebook pic not showing



916calinotch 02-24-11 04:33 PM

Hope this link works. I would love to resto-mod this thing. I just bought two panaracer tires in the original size 27 x 1 from nashbar for cheap. I like how everyone has modern wheel sets. The friction downtube shifters are difficult to work while riding next to car traffic. Do you guys have any suggestions for changing the shifters to barends or on the brakehandles like on the black Prelude above^^^? Thanks I thinking of just switching the seat, griptape for now. Down the road 700c rims, crankset, derailers.....if I ever get the money!

916calinotch 02-24-11 04:37 PM

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bikenut2011 02-24-11 05:42 PM

Nice looking original bike... i think i would put some serious miles on it before i went crazy on the mods... You will get used to those DT shifters, just takes some practice... i LOVE the DT shifters on my bikes...I generally do all my shifting with my left hand keeping control with the right (i am right handed)... Here's an improvement i made to mine just recently, these brake levers are less than $20 and improved comfort 100%


Otto Rax 02-24-11 07:34 PM

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Apparently we need a 1987-Circuits-with-updated-components thread!

Scored on CL for $120 a couple years back, bone stock and in great shape.
How I received it

Cleaned it up, added bottle cages and new wrap. redid all the greasy parts of course
And voila!

But for riding it as regularly as I do, my sitter needed a familiar saddle, and I have never been in love with dt shifters, so I bought a NOS Colnago, raped it for parts, and resold the frame (it was DA on a colnago, just not right) and have a full DA 7700 group (ok, 105 fd), thomson elite post, etc.

don't even pretend ya'll aren't jealous of my couch haha

bikenut2011 02-24-11 08:09 PM

^^^ Looks awesome!! what size frame is that 60cm?


Muttleyone 02-24-11 08:31 PM

I always wondered what happened to my grandma's couch. At least you took the plastic off.


northbend 02-24-11 08:47 PM

Picture from last weekends ride
My friends' chrome Schwinn - unsure of it's age; my pink paramount is an '88

Werkin 02-24-11 08:56 PM

Originally Posted by **** Rax (Post 12275983)
Apparently we need a 1987-Circuits-with-updated-components thread!...

dedhed 02-25-11 12:02 AM

The 87 Sprint I built last year for my daughter.

mazdaspeed 02-25-11 01:25 AM

My '89 prelude :)

bikenut2011 02-25-11 05:15 AM

Originally Posted by dedhed (Post 12277130)
The 87 Sprint I built last year for my daughter.

Nice Job!



Chris_in_Miami 02-25-11 06:33 AM

I LOVE the black/red/white color scheme, very nicely done! I might do something similar for my wife's Prelude.

Otto Rax 02-25-11 09:35 AM

Originally Posted by bikenut2011 (Post 12276178)
^^^ Looks awesome!! what size frame is that 60cm?


61cm. Thanks! I'm very proud of it, I think it is the best looking bike I've built up, and God knows there have been enough pass through these hands. I have a white ss/fg Madison with similar decals. Now I just gotta locate a Voyageur SP to have painted red and I'll have a full Schwinn road stable of the era

b dub 02-25-11 11:14 PM

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This Schwinn got me back into biking. A friend had it sitting in his storage room. His girlfriend had bought it at a garage sale years ago for $10. She rode it for a while, but thought it to be somewhat dangerous having to jump off each time she had to stop.

I slowly have been updating it for my commute to work.

This is how I got it:

I have made the following changes:
- 700 Mavics with DA hubs / 7 speed cassette
- Cinelli bars and stem
- longer no-name seat post
- long reach Tektro brakes
- 600 brake calipers
- Brooks Swift saddle

I'm not done yet, but this is what it looks like now:

Yes, the Traveler is not Columbus tubing, but I love the taiwanese frame.

bikenut2011 02-26-11 08:24 AM

^^^ LOVE IT!! before AND after! really dig the fenders and brakes as well as the saddle...NICE JOB


AlphaRed 02-26-11 01:53 PM

1 Attachment(s)

Here is a Super Sport I purchased last week. For some reason the previous owner painted the rear triangle white. I will put it back to black before the re-build
Great thread!!

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