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asshauler 02-23-11 12:35 AM

What do you know about Concordes?
I picked this Concorde up about a month ago. A Salvation Army find. It's a Columbus Genius tubed, fillet brazed frameset but the b.b. shell has lugs for the chainstays. Great shape other than paint knicks. I can find no info on this mdel. I sold Concordes until about 91-92 but that was right when Genius tubing was introduced I think. How are these things measured? ctc or ctt (I've slept since then)? I know they are made by the same maker as Ciocc, Coppi and a few others. When did they stop production? There's a bunch of various bikes on VeloSpace but many are mis-labeled and not correct in their descriptions. Only 1 Genius Concorde bike on line and it's fully lugged???? Has anyone seen another like this? I wish it was a PDM team paint but I guess it's too new. Thanks for any info. See you guys in Austin at the Hand Built Bike Show.

Elev12k 02-23-11 04:52 AM

It is later than the PDMs, but I would think not much later. This catalogue shows a fillet-brazed MAX tubing frame in the same nice colour >>

On the Genius model the catalogue mentions it is lugged indeed. I do not know why yours isn't.

I think Concorde was discontinued only a couple years ago.

asshauler 02-23-11 12:26 PM

Thanks Elev12k!!! That is awesome info you prvided.

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