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RobE30 04-27-11 07:54 PM

Schwinn High Sierra
Thoughts on a mid 80's Schwinn High Sierra? It's in pretty good shape and has some cool Suntour aluminum thumb shifters and Mountech d/rs. Wheels are bolt on, high flange something or other, dia compe cantilevers. It has the OG tires some I'm assuming rather low miles. I might trade the guy a Schwinn BMX for it. I think it'd make a nice bike to ride during the winter months and handle banging around town better than my old 531 Free Spirit (which does great but I feel bad beating it).

Oh, its the big frame which fits me great

auchencrow 04-27-11 08:10 PM

Rob - Sounds like an excellent choice in a winter bike - Pics are required though.

RobE30 04-27-11 08:49 PM

I don't have it.... yet

illwafer 04-27-11 09:29 PM

they are awesome. especially the smoked chrome ones.

Chris Chicago 04-27-11 09:47 PM

somebody told me that most early mtbs had bolt on wheels bc they were worried a quick release could get snagged open while riding offroad, through the brush, on mountains.

Rob Glatfelter 04-27-11 09:50 PM

Do it, definitely a fun whip.
I've got just a normal sierra as my touring frame, but its fantastic for bombing around the city in snow and on ice as well.

mkeller234 04-27-11 10:36 PM

+1, it's a great bike.

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