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Radfahrer 11-06-04 06:33 PM

Ever Heard of a Casati "Victory"?
Hi all - I just located a bike I might be interested in buying... A Casati "Victory". I haven't seen it up close, but it is supposedly NOS, equipped as follows:

Frame/fork Columbus Aelle cromoly tubing
Campagnolo Victory GS Group
Nuovo Record headset and bottom bracket
Super Record style drilled brake levers
Fiame Red Label rims w/ 36 hole Campy hubs
Clement Condor tubular tires
Italia 3TTT suede leather saddle
Regina Oro 6R 13/26 freewheel
Handlebars 3TTT engraved classic bend
Pantagraphed Campagnolo aero seatpost
Pantagraphed Casati 3TTT stem
Benotto Cilo bar tape

Price is $850.00, and I am a bit unsure. This is the sort of bike I've been looking for, but I know nothing about them, and the group is one I've never heard of.

Any helpful advice?

don d. 11-06-04 06:53 PM

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Never heard of a Casati Victory, but the components sound 80ish. The rims are definitely from the late 70's/early 80's. Aelle tubing is an entry level offering from Columbus, but still a fine cromo tubeset.

Casati has been around in this country for awhile and recently sponsored a racing team with Jamba Juice(yum!).

orguasch 11-06-04 07:08 PM

the price is to stiff, for $850.00, if it is in top shape maybe, I say maybe

Radfahrer 11-06-04 07:31 PM

Originally Posted by orguasch
the price is to stiff, for $850.00, if it is in top shape maybe, I say maybe

Bike is NOS, and immaculate...

TheOtherGuy 11-06-04 09:07 PM

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Still for $850, you can probably find a pretty Casati Gold Line R, which was the top model from the early-mid '80s. Victory stuff came out in '85 and is nice, but not as nice as Record, either Nuovo & Super (getting phased out by then) or C-Record which came out in late '84 or '85 as well (I've got an '84 dated C-Record group, but it may have first sold in '85).

Victory was the # 2 group when it came out, and it lasted for about 2-3 years , I think. The Croce d'Aune group took over as # 2 around '87 (which itself lasted only about 2-3 years, before Chorus took the #2 spot).

Have a look at the Casati scans at:

I've got another Casati brochure not shown there, that I need to scan & send to Marc so he can add it to those scans. I've got two Casatis from '84 or so, BTW. Both are Gold Line R frames, with Panto bits on 'em. Attached here is the only pic I have of one of 'em, unless you want to email me for others (files are too big). I found the frame & some panto parts NOS at Montrose Cycle in Montrose, CA. Frame was only $400 new, and is Columbus SL.

Radfahrer 11-06-04 10:52 PM

Thanks for the info! I have yet to find any other new old stock bikes of this caliber in the size I need - 64 cm, and this one is that large. I've found a number of used bikes (Raleigh, Faggin, CIOCC, etc.) but they are usually too expensive, or entry-level quality only...
I know I would be paying a premium here, but it seems pretty difficult to find anything in this price range that would actually be tall enough to fit someone 6'5"!

TheOtherGuy 11-06-04 11:06 PM

I don't know how you feel about used, but there's a 65cm Raleigh Pro frame from the late '70s on eBay right now...
Probably won't go for big $$, as the late '70s Pros aren't as popular as the earlier "fastback" version, unless it's a "Team" model. Also, a friend of mine rides 64 cm frames, and may have some good ones to sell...

Anyway, you'll probably like the Casati, and the Victory group is pretty decent. The brakes look just like late Super Record except for logo on the levers & type of release on the calipers. The cranks have the C-Record type of auto-extractor bolt, and can take a small inner ring, good for climbing. Victory headsets look almost the same as the chromed steel Record headset of previous years, and last a long time. Enjoy!

TheOtherGuy 11-09-04 11:11 PM

Originally Posted by A.Winthrop

I bought two of these NOS Casati "Victory" bikes in April and almost certainly from the
same source.

Mr. Winthrop, just curious- do you think your Casati bikes were imported through Euro-Asia? Montrose cycles where I got mine, is owned by the same family as Euro-Asia imports... I think they brought in quite a few.

rudder73 02-11-05 07:50 PM

Originally Posted by A.Winthrop

Another similar bike is Western States Imports (WSI) Centurion by Cinelli. It has a WSI
designed frame made of Columbus SL\SX tubing that was built by Cinelli using Cinelli frame components (BB shell, sloped crown, et al). It has Campy NR deraileurs & shifters, a Regina CXS six-speed freewheel and chain, Ofmega Mistral headset and
bottom bracket and Ofmega Mistral cranks (very nice) and peddles with clips. It has Cinelli bars and stem and a Cinelli saddle (suade over plastic).

The Centurion 25" frame fits 34 - 37 leg length...I'm 6'4 and the top tube fits fine while standing on pavement

markwebb 02-24-05 09:20 PM

I think those Casati Victory bikes look awesome. Pantographed parts, fully lugged steel. When you read about Campy Victory, you'll see they were a great part, priced just below NR but most folks that use the stuff say it's every bit as good. A NOS classic Italian vintage steel bike from 80's, never ridden, with good Campy parts (even NR BB and headset) for $850. I think that's a great price.

I called them Saturday and the clerk said all they had were 48cm and 64cm sizes. I was heartbroken. I decided to call back Tuesday just to make sure and - believe it or not - they had three 54cm bikes left. One was red/two were blue/silver. I bought the red one immediately and hope to have it delivered next week.

I would not hesitate to buy one - and I didn't hesitate and I bought one !!!!!

TheOtherGuy 02-24-05 09:27 PM

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Sounds cool. The price is probably what they sold for in the late '80s. Nothing wrong with Victory stuff, some people just didn't like the looks of it. Not as traditional as the old Nuovo/Super Record, and not as sleek as the new C-Record. Extremely functional though! Please post pics when you get the bike.

Hey, looking through my "iPhoto", I found a picture of my red Casati:

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