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Cablestein 05-27-11 09:31 AM

Anyone heard of Crown Olympic?
Anyone heard of Crown?

Here's one for sale...

And another...

They look like the same model, but the second one says "MONICA" on the seat tube.

wrk101 05-27-11 05:01 PM

I assume you googled the brand.

If so, brands that don't show up on google, from that era, are almost always private label, store brands. Back in the 1970s, everyone sold bikes. Hardware stores, gas stations, discount stores, wherever. So companies would take their generic bikes, and slap on any label you wanted. 99.9% of them were junk.

By the mid 1980s, some of the private label stuff got pretty good. The gas stations and discount stores got out of the business. So much of the private label stuff was built for bicycle shops. They tended to have higher standards, so that stuff was often good.

wrk101 05-27-11 05:05 PM

Well, I just did a google search, and see you posted the same question to Interesting that the answer there was pretty similar to mine (department store bike from the 1970s).

Bianchigirll 05-27-11 05:20 PM

it looks like the same bike, maybe spruced up a bit on the CL listing

mapleleafs-13 05-28-11 12:16 AM

naw never heard of it, i see this guy's listing all the time on Tdot's craigslist, doesn't look like anything special though

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