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jonwvara 06-05-11 06:37 PM

Janitorial strengh ammonia seatpost success
On the advice of BF member A. Winthrop, I soaked my stuck Gran Sport seatpost in Janitorial Strength ammonia (10% ammonia) from Ace Hardware. Turned the bare frame upside down, sealed around where the post entered the frame with plumber's putty, and poured the seat tube full of ammonia and let it soak for 3 days.
At the end of that time, I poured out the ammonia, clamped an old saddle to the post, and carried it out to the forked yellow birch "twisting tree" in my woods. I reefed on it pretty hard--was just getting to the point where I was starting to get a little concerned about the stress on the frame when there was a loud "pop" and the post moved. Worked it back and forth and soon got it out.
Was it the ammonia that did it? I'd have to say it helped. Trying the same twisting procedure earlier without ammonia got me nowhere. And when the post DID come out, it was wet along its whole length, suggesting to me that the ammonia did work its way between the post and frame.
I'd try it again. Be careful around the ammonia, though--you don't want to breathe it.

wrk101 06-05-11 07:03 PM

Good for you! I have tried the ammonia on one bike I have that I have tried most of the other methods first. It has not worked as of yet.

RobbieTunes 06-05-11 08:19 PM

Really cleans out the sinuses.

knoregs 06-05-11 09:08 PM

That had to be a pretty good feeling... something working as advertised so to speak. I remember the first really fussy fixed cup that I removed with Sheldon's DIY hardware store special tool made of bolt, washers, nuts. I was giggling like a schoolgirl. :lol:


Captain Blight 06-06-11 12:29 AM

It can certainly cure you of all earthly ills by shutting off your breath entirely, to be sure. But it does work, and work well.

realestvin7 06-06-11 01:11 AM

Fantastic. It's good to hear successful stuck seatpost stories. Next time, I'm trying the good stuff.

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