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cs1 06-07-11 03:16 AM

Cables Question
For all you C & V lovers, who's buying their cables, casings etc in bulk? Would you share your sources for ferrules, end caps and casings? Any tips or tricks?

My small fleet is in need of new cables and after a trip to the LBS for one set of cables and casings I'm in shock over the cost. I need a cheaper alternative. I'd say half of my bikes are friction the other indexed, which only makes a difference on the shift side. Also can you still buy 6mm housing for MTB's?

Charles Wahl 06-07-11 05:26 AM

Lots of places sell housing and cables in bulk; ferrules too.

triathloner 06-07-11 06:31 AM

I use they seem reasonable, shipping takes a while though.

cs1 06-07-11 09:55 AM

Originally Posted by triathloner (Post 12751409)
I use they seem reasonable, shipping takes a while though.

Never tried anything from them. They seem to get great reviews on the forum.

knoregs 06-07-11 10:31 AM

For selection and price Niagara is great but if you need it quick try someone else. I usually get my stuff from them in 7-10 days, most of which is 'processing' time.

The Jagwire 5mm housing in 25' roll for $18 is a good deal. Many colors available for that price too. If you wanted to go more 'economy' the Pyramid lined housing in black or white 50' rolls for $10.18 brings the cost down to $0.20 per foot.


icemonkey 06-07-11 10:48 AM

I get mine from I but alligator brand in bulk and I can only say that its a great product. The PTFE covered cables are terrific for brakes and so very very cheap. For the friction shifters I try and find the cheepest old stock cables collecting dust in a LBS corner, they hold and shift better. When I used slick modern cables they tend not to hold as well and shift poorly. Anyone else find this an issue? Possibly just me.

Chombi 06-07-11 11:15 AM

We C&Vers could just get the newest cable/casing sets that resisted friction and casing compression much better than the stuff put on bikes in the 80's but Nooooo.....we have to find the cool casings we remembered on our bikes in the past with the clear covers where we can see the wound up steel casing springs. I suspect that the old stuff only performs half as well as the newest stuff though, but it's what put smiles on our faces and to hell with how much they might cost us....just like the NOS CLB aluminum cased brake cableset that sold a couple of weeks ago at eBay for a ridiculous $100 bucks!:eek:
That extra weight weenie icing on the cake always gets us!:rolleyes::D


miamijim 06-07-11 11:26 AM

Chombi, the joint I volunteer at has alot of old stock clear and translucent housing.

For my personal bikes I only use high quality compressionless housing with high quality stainless steel inner wires. Cheap housing has too much compression and cheap cables aren't as smooth.

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