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kiwigem 06-23-11 07:34 AM

Grand Bois Hetres- real world dimensions?
Hi there. I'm toying with turning one of my old tourers into a 650b, and the fit may be close depending on the tires I choose. Anyone have Grand Bois Hetres in use? I'm wondering what the actual measurements are when pumped to appropriate psi- both width and the overall diameter it creates on the wheel. If anyone can fill me in, that would be great. Thanks!

southpawboston 06-23-11 07:43 AM

There have been several production runs of the Hetre, with stated widths being either 41 or 42mm, depending on the lot. I think the newer ones are labeled as 42mm, and the ones I purchased this winter are labeled 42mm. They measure 41.0mm wide on Velocity Synergy rims. That's after about 200 miles of use and with a psi of about 35-40lb. I don't know the height measurement from rim to tip of tread-- that would be harder to measure.

Sigurdd50 06-23-11 07:49 AM

Always a good idea to measure and make sure you have PLENTY of extra clearance (ya never know when you'll want to add fenders)
here is a good list of measurements to keep in mind

Also, there is a 650B listserv at GoogleGroups
lots of very helpful folks there

kiwigem 06-23-11 07:54 AM

Thanks for the quick response, southpawboston! You're right, "height" was not the best way to approach what I really need to know, which is the overall diameter with those tires (close to 700c?). I've edited my original post.

kiwigem 06-23-11 07:55 AM

"Also, there is a 650B listserv at GoogleGroups
lots of very helpful folks there"

I didn't know about that one- thanks!

Zaphod Beeblebrox 06-23-11 09:42 AM

I asked this same question not long ago and was told they measure around 43mm wide on 18mm rims.

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