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rookgirl 06-24-11 05:52 PM

Should I buy this Norco as a stop gap?
Now that I've basically finished the Miele, I'm on the hot lookout for a road bike for me and I need a really little frame. I looked at a Motobecane Grand Sprint yesterday (low end looking, overpriced) which was my size, but it was $150 which it wasn't worth.

There's this bike - looks like a Norco Monterey for only $40, although it's been got at - need to change the bars, add a brake caliper, levers. But it looks like my size.

Is it a good enough bike to grab and use until something more compelling comes along or should I just hold on? Geometry looks quite strange.

I have narrowed down my wants on a road bike to be: 48cm, 80s, indexed shifting, nice rims, and chrome-y :lol:

WNG 06-24-11 06:00 PM

It looks relatively low end with that crank. The angles do look awfully relaxed too. But appears to be close to your size (50cm), kinda cheap, and if you don't have a ride currently, then I say go for it.
Otherwise be patient and search for your ideal size and geometry.

wrk101 06-24-11 06:27 PM

It's only $40, why not?

Chris_in_Miami 06-24-11 06:36 PM

I agree, it sounds like a good enough deal. How many $40 bikes do you find these days?

As for the low-end assessment, I agree that the crank is not doing it any favors, but aren't the shifters mounted on braze ons?

rookgirl 06-24-11 06:37 PM

It's the cheap factor that's killing (or rather tempting) me. I saw it when it went up, days and days ago.

rookgirl 06-24-11 06:41 PM

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Shifters are def braze ons, but that fork.....ugh. I don't know if I can pollute my garage with it!

tugrul 06-24-11 06:45 PM

A cheap bike you can ride with a devil may care attitude is always nice...

Chris_in_Miami 06-24-11 06:59 PM

Originally Posted by tugrul (Post 12837051)
A cheap bike you can ride with a devil may care attitude is always nice...


I don't care for unicrown forks either, but I'm glad I didn't let that stop my from picking up a Centurion Ironman.

ElliotSF 06-24-11 11:15 PM

If it went up on CL "days and days ago," you might get it for less than $40! If you do, please report. Envy is a pain and a pleasure of C&V!

ColonelJLloyd 06-24-11 11:24 PM

Is that Shimano Light Action I spy? That's a fine deal.

rookgirl 06-25-11 05:52 AM

I had a dream about this bike last night, so I suppose I should buy it, LOL. I'm hoping to grab it for less than asking price too. Also hoping they have the old bars and levers hanging around. I def don't need that broomstick!

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