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Bikewer 06-29-11 02:54 PM

1979 Fuji Del Rey
Just picked this up, missing the front wheel. Very nice little bike, 1979 vintage with the Fuji "Vallite quad-butted" tubing, Suntour LePree components, etc.

Looks eminently re-buildable. Unfortunately.... 27" wheels. I guess I'll have to check out the eBay and parts threads.
Some of these Del Reys were obviously set up as straightforward roadsters; this one has flat bars and mountain-type brake levers. Downtube shifters, so a conversion wouldn't be difficult.

Capecodder 06-29-11 03:06 PM

What's wrong with 27" wheels?

Captain Blight 06-29-11 03:52 PM

Yeah, right? You can get Paselas in 27", so what's the problem?

Bikewer 06-29-11 06:56 PM

Nothing wrong; was under the impression they were a little difficult to obtain. Also, I'm cheap... I'll have to look up the brand you mention.

Looks like a tire brand.... The front WHEEL is missing.

wrk101 06-29-11 07:49 PM

If you are cheap, nothing beats 27 inch wheels. People are just about giving them away, pick one up used of course.

Fuji didn't start making the Del Rey until 1982. Double check that age. LePree was put on the 1985 and 1986 models. By then, the Del Rey was a pretty nice bike.

hueyhoolihan 06-29-11 08:13 PM

Originally Posted by wrk101 (Post 12858915)
If you are cheap, nothing beats 27 inch wheels.

no truer words have ever been spoken.

nevertheless, i'm down to my last two 20mm 168 gram avocet gripfasts and will have a decision to make soon. should i stay with my suntour subperbe threaded freewheel 36 spoke hubs and araya a-20 rims with brand new wheelsmith 1.8/1.5 ss spokes and be forced to use 25mm tires that weigh about 300 grams or... convert to 700c?

rhetorical question. no hijacking intended.

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