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no*dice 07-07-11 02:51 PM

winged "f" what brand is it?
as I collect Brands (Pics of it) in order to identify frames by theire stamps engravings etc,pp. I stumbeld recently about this sign:

A member in a german Forum is looking for the builder or the brand for this. If you can help It would help us both. I appreciate!


Captain Blight 07-07-11 11:05 PM

Gonna need a better pic, and some idea of the componentry.

Esteban32696 07-08-11 05:47 AM

I cannot see anything in the pix either,, but there was a German Fleetwing bike.

cb400bill 07-08-11 06:22 AM

Here is the same pic blown up a bit bigger.

rhm 07-08-11 06:49 AM

There's an expression, I don't give a flying f***, but other than that, I got nothin'.

bobbycorno 07-08-11 09:40 AM

Originally Posted by rhm (Post 12897267)
There's an expression, I don't give a flying f***, but other than that, I got nothin'.

Whew.... somebody else said it.

Bend, OR

no*dice 07-11-11 06:12 AM

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What a ****ing brainstorming! :twitchy:

I got here another pic from a nother bike

Both owner claim that theire got them cycles from switzerland. Both came without stickers.

jbchybridrider 07-11-11 06:53 AM

My thought is a Faggon could be wrong though "probably"

no*dice 07-18-11 06:34 PM

Never heard of that brand. can you provide some pictures from that?

clubman 07-18-11 08:37 PM

It's Faggin...lots on online pics to sort thru...

no*dice 07-20-11 01:10 PM

One thing this stamp is not from is faggin. Did not see one by now which had this sign. As I wrote, I collect brands in order to identify them if some one ask in the german forum. I got now 338 folders (brands), For the most ~95% I got frame and details pics.

So this one is still unsolved.

Old Fat Guy 07-20-11 01:15 PM

Stab in the dark...Freschi

no*dice 07-20-11 02:00 PM

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nope...this is my list for brands under "f" so far. The brands I listed below could it be cause I do not have any detail for it. All the other definitely not.



no*dice 04-22-12 03:16 PM

@rhm: yeah seems legit to this kind of forum. always some big mouths and nothing behind it. So I will give me myself and I the answer:
Ferago Gomelschi

Bianchigirll 04-22-12 04:01 PM

OH of course!! why didn't I think of Ferago I mean we used to sell 2 or three of these day a day back then.

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