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bbattle 07-14-11 04:08 AM

no flange Campy hubs used how?

My first thought was they were used with some sort of disk but the seller says he doesn't think so in his answer to another person's question.

catonec 07-14-11 04:20 AM

english good sentance structure lame picture nice.


randyjawa 07-14-11 04:20 AM

Screwed up 36 hole Record low flange hubs, machined, and poorly I might add, to be useless, or darn close to it. That's what I think and I am surprised that Speedbicycles would offer such a product, without a decent disclaimer.

There is a revision, to the listing, suggesting that the hubs are not precisely machined.

bbattle 07-14-11 05:03 AM

So my second thought, "expensive paper weights" is more accurate.

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