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Gravity Aided 11-09-12 05:22 AM

You Mancunians get a lot of snow generally ?

Italuminium 11-10-12 04:55 AM

Straight outta yogya
P1080016 by ctjr, on Flickr

surprised fort
P1080006 by ctjr, on Flickr

Indonesia is also abundant with funny attempts at the queen's.
P1080007 by ctjr, on Flickr

cobrabyte 11-10-12 07:16 AM

^I'm really enjoying these pics of your travels, Italuminium!

cobrabyte 11-10-12 07:27 AM

Started work on my Nikola Tesla tattoo last night

bpr 11-10-12 08:55 AM

I love this thread !!

apollored 11-10-12 12:36 PM


Originally Posted by Gravity Aided (Post 14930535)
You Mancunians get a lot of snow generally ?

Not usually, the Pennines normally stop most of it and Lancashire and Derbyshire Peaks get most of it.

Tho two and three years ago we had loads but they were exceptional years.

In the 80s/early 90s we used to get loads but then that stopped and it didnt snow much.

apollored 11-10-12 12:39 PM

1 Attachment(s)

My partner makes a friend of a Common Toad in Rocher Vale, Park Bridge, Oldham, Lancashire UK.

scozim 11-10-12 01:25 PM

Snow outside so time for some homemade applesauce

And multi-tasking while I wait for it to cook by changing out a chainring

Chris_in_Miami 11-10-12 08:23 PM

Sixty Fiver 11-10-12 08:58 PM

Grim 11-11-12 09:17 AM

WOW is it time for snow again?!?!?! Let me offset that winter picture. I was driving the convertible yesterday and probably will again today.

neo_pop_71 11-11-12 04:02 PM

Great photo! Thank you for sharing.

neo_pop_71 11-11-12 04:06 PM


Originally Posted by YoKev (Post 14897009)

This was the photo to go with my previous posting. Sorry for the mix up, clicked the wrong button.

Orrery 11-11-12 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by cobrabyte (Post 14934223)

Badass! Science!

neo_pop_71 11-11-12 04:15 PM


Originally Posted by orangeology (Post 14926356)

Really cool shot... awesome street view! Thanks for posting!

fender1 11-11-12 04:28 PM

Mountain biking.


noglider 11-12-12 08:08 AM

65er, what's the temperature in those pictures? And what pressure is in those badass tires?

DsmBerg 11-12-12 08:32 AM

Tweed Ride in Des Moines. Lots of great bike inspiration. Miserable weather.

ColonelJLloyd 11-12-12 09:01 AM

"Hey, did you fart?"

"What's that? Me?"

"Heh. Yeah, I farted."

MrEss 11-12-12 09:36 AM

MB-2 roadbike waiting for nicer weather here in Wisconsin.

cooperryder 11-12-12 09:38 AM

Pics from a long ride last week to check at a new short bike path / trail that opened which has a neat restored bridge crossing the Trinity River in Dallas.

I stopped along the way to snap some pics of the bridge, Dallas Heritage Village, Dallas Farmer's Market,
and a new park (Klyde Warren Park) that opened recently over a main downtown freeway.

cooperryder 11-12-12 09:42 AM

A few more from same ride:

ColonelJLloyd 11-12-12 02:50 PM

Made some peanut/coconut curry the other night.

In a couple days we'll be enjoying this pork belly.

Mercian Rider 11-12-12 04:24 PM

From bicycle camping trip yesterday. Beautiful weather yesterday but rained all the way back. 50 miles each way.

Friend rode his cargo bike.


Bald eagle.


mkeller234 11-12-12 04:46 PM

Belated congratulations! I hope all is going well. In the few pictures that I have seen of you, i'd have to say I see a major resemblance.


Originally Posted by ColonelJLloyd (Post 14939629)

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