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M A V 10-11-13 12:42 PM

noglider 10-11-13 03:34 PM

Gorgeous, MAV.

M A V 10-11-13 08:55 PM


Originally Posted by noglider (Post 16153392)
Gorgeous, MAV.

Thank you, I should post a link to more.

-holiday76 10-13-13 01:23 PM

Monterey California

DiegoFrogs 10-13-13 03:36 PM

Monterey is definitely a cool town. That path along side the ocean is wonderful, but I've never taken my bike when I've gone. I'll definitely have to do that if I'm going to leave California.

Sixty Fiver 10-14-13 12:00 AM

Spent our Thanksgiving with family and enjoyed what was a beautiful day here... the girls seemed to have spent the afternoon on the trampoline.

My wife became a mom as well as an aunt and a great aunt when she married me... she is handling it well as she loves kids and she already has many small fans.

After nearly 6 years together there is not a moment I do not look at her and think... "wow".

Guarding our youngest great niece as she is still too small to bounce with the big girls... :)

And that turkey... yes... it was wrapped in bacon.

WNG 10-14-13 12:27 AM

I see some Tim Hortons! :D Brings back memories...puts our Dunkin Donuts to shame.

BTW, Happy Thanksgiving 65-er! And to the rest of our Canadian C&Vers.

Roger M 10-14-13 10:28 AM

I saw this bike on the local bike shop ride the other day. I've seen some bikes with compasses here, but this would be the first thermostat.

sloar 10-14-13 10:38 AM

trip to the zoo, finally the tigers werent sleeping behind a tree.

BluesVan 10-16-13 06:49 AM

Velognome 10-16-13 07:27 AM

Love the stem cap Thermometer, very useful in the fall and winter as temps approach the freezing mark.

Velognome 10-16-13 09:25 AM

My youngest (on the left) preparing for the beginning of his High School's Homecoming. He recently earned a place on the Jr. ROTC Marine Corp Color Guard.

Stevensb 10-16-13 09:42 AM


Originally Posted by BluesVan (Post 16164753)

Very nice photo Bluesvan!

Italuminium 10-16-13 09:59 AM

^bluesman, that's awesome. one Landscape orientation away from being my new wall paper :)

cobrabyte 10-16-13 10:55 AM

I'll join in on the praises, great photo, bluesman.

cobrabyte 10-16-13 11:11 AM

So hunting season is upon us.

My fig tree made it's first fig, and a fat one at that.

orangeology 10-16-13 11:15 AM

Pinarello. Raleigh. Schwinn
need to pick one for the winter project. or all three. tough choice.
and then, components. tough choice.
#happystruggle . everyday

succulents. getting a bit weaker as weather gets cooler. still doing fine.

last produce from balcony farm. pot grown green peppers and cherry tomatoes. until next year...

and fall sky. as beautiful everyday

due ruote 10-16-13 11:39 AM


Originally Posted by sloar (Post 16159709)
trip to the zoo, finally the tigers werent sleeping behind a tree.

Cool. Crop out the sill and yikes, pretty terrifying.

rootboy 10-16-13 11:44 AM

I know. That's cool. But kind of creepy. The way that tiger is looking at your little girl. Yeekes.

rootboy 10-16-13 11:45 AM


Originally Posted by BluesVan (Post 16164753)

That is nice, BluesVan. Now, how do you suppose they did those levers?
Without breaking them.

BluesVan 10-16-13 12:45 PM

I'm affraid the photo is not mine. But I thought of you in C&V as you were talking obout them a few posts back. And when I saw it in a Spanish Bike Forum, I couldn't resist.

Seems like they're becoming a trend... Never noticed them before...

due ruote 10-16-13 03:48 PM

Took this Panasonic to the Japanese garden for a quick shakedown.

ebow3d 10-17-13 07:36 AM

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simmonsgc 10-17-13 11:51 AM


Originally Posted by due ruote (Post 16166385)
Took this Panasonic to the Japanese garden for a quick shakedown.

Hey! Is that MOBOT? I think I recognize those japanese black pines on the lake shore. I spent a beautiful rainy afternoon there when I was attending a conference in St. Louis back in 2000. If not, guess I'm wrong! Great photo and lovely bike, btw...I'm amazed they let bikes into the gardens. That's pretty cool.

cobrabyte 10-18-13 11:48 AM

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