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-holiday76 03-12-12 03:35 PM


Originally Posted by Drummerboy1975 (Post 13962683)
Dad of the year award goes to Holiday76. Your creating life long, good memories for your son. I commend you sir.

well you know, often the only way to get out for a ride is to take one of my kids, not that i mind in the least :)

though i suppose all those years of cross country bike touring with my father has instilled in me the idea to have some of the same experiences with my son.

JJScaliger 03-14-12 08:47 PM

Spring is here! mid 60's today in RI.

My rear tire opened up like a zipper on the way home. Booted it with a dollar bill and made it 4 miles before it went flat again. Had to limp home 2 miles on a flat. Schwalbe stelvio lasted 1900.

non-fixie 03-15-12 12:57 PM

After we'd seen the weather forecast for today, both mrs NF and I managed to get a day off from work and enjoy the first real spring day. We loaded the bikes onto the car for a ride in the Land of Altena:

We took a route set out by the Algemene Nederlandse Wielrijders Bond:

And the weather was even nicer than had been predicted:

RobE30 03-15-12 08:49 PM

Shortly after this picture was taken I was chased by swans, don't mess w/ swans.

This was taken just before a very fast downhill section followed but a mile or so of dirt and gravel. It all added up to be a fantastic day out!

jan nikolajsen 03-15-12 09:06 PM

Went for a hike today after work:

cobrabyte 03-16-12 08:48 AM

Hoping to get this finished up today
Bob Jackson by (cobrabyte), on Flickr

Italuminium 03-16-12 09:03 AM

That looks amazing cobra!

cobrabyte 03-16-12 09:36 AM

Thanks I cant wait to get it on the road!

kiwigem 03-16-12 09:40 AM


Originally Posted by jan nikolajsen (Post 13977411)

officially jealous.

Mercian Rider 03-17-12 11:14 AM

scozim 03-17-12 11:45 AM

Woke up to this so it might end up being an indoor trainer today - that or slogging through the slush on the converted mtb.

Mercian Rider 03-19-12 11:31 AM

On the ride to work this morning:

Morning sunlight on bicycles in my office when I arrived:

WNG 03-19-12 01:33 PM

Following up on scozim's post of the storm in reached PHX yesterday, resulting in wicked thunderstorms and hail at one point. It also left the mountains to the East covered in the white stuff. Yes, in March, in PHX! Took a ride (in my car) along the Apache Trail to do a bit of storm chasing and capture the scenery. Some photos of Superstition and Four Peaks mountain ranges dusted white and storm still ongoing.
Apache Trail Snow-30 by WNG555, on Flickr
Apache Trail Snow-12 by WNG555, on Flickr
Apache Trail Snow-74 by WNG555, on Flickr
Apache Trail Snow-67 by WNG555, on Flickr

seely 03-19-12 01:43 PM

Went on a nice jaunt with the "missus" through the old industrial part of town, and out to the zoo:

Italuminium 03-19-12 01:44 PM

WOW WNG... Those are beautiful pics. I hope I'll be able to see those landscapes for myself if I ever get to that pan-american bike tour :P

jan nikolajsen 03-19-12 07:07 PM

Minutes before getting hammered by hailstorm:

JJScaliger 03-19-12 07:12 PM

Great pictures everyone! Here is one I took this weekend on a 49 mile ride.

I was a little worried the famer might think I was casing the herd considering local events!

leftthread 03-19-12 08:12 PM


Originally Posted by WNG (Post 13990893)
...Yes, in March, in PHX!...

Glad it's out there and not here!
It was 80 here yesterday; rode in shorts yesterday and today.
Usually March is 35/35: thirty-five degrees and thirty-five mile an hour winds.

Gravity Aided 03-20-12 04:23 AM

same here, Land of Lincoln usually still land of ice and snow until late March. Happy for every good riding day I can get.

Drummerboy1975 03-20-12 06:56 AM

Me and a couple of co-workers went on a little 26 miler Sunday. Great time with a couple of great pals.

My buddies '87 Trek 1000, my recently acquired '06 Specialized Allez, and our friend Big Johns '77 Miyata.

cobrabyte 03-20-12 03:16 PM

23skidoo 03-20-12 11:12 PM

What are those shoes you're wearing cobrabyte? Man they really look perfect in the clip.

tonyjaja 03-21-12 12:38 AM

1 Attachment(s) i haven't take photo for my bike, upload one funny photo

-holiday76 03-21-12 12:52 AM


Originally Posted by 23skidoo (Post 13997140)
What are those shoes you're wearing cobrabyte? Man they really look perfect in the clip.

Sambas by Adidas . They do fit well though the soles can be kinda flimsy.

cobrabyte 03-21-12 04:30 AM


Originally Posted by -holiday76 (Post 13997277)
Sambas by Adidas . They do fit well though the soles can be kinda flimsy.

Yep, sambas. Compared to cycling shoes, they are flimsy, but they're the 'stiffest' sneaker I own. Compared to my all stars and vans, relatively speaking.

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