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-holiday76 04-19-12 11:14 AM

a shot from outside the Phillies at Giants game last night (Phillies lost 1-0 in 11 innings - boo!)

and another

Glennfordx4 04-19-12 04:04 PM

As I was messing around with my camera today taking pictures of a few baby bunnies that are living in my yard when all of a sudden I heard a sound coming from out in the street and what I saw was quite the sight, a 20 to 25lb Turkey making his way down the sidewalk, now thats something you don't normally see in a residential neighborhood ( at least around here). He walked about half a block with me on his tail when he crossed the street making traffic stop for him and then proceeded to jump a chain link fence into a yard then over another chain link fence into another yard and just kept right on going.


Reynolds 04-19-12 05:57 PM

Bikes and Jeeps 04-19-12 07:55 PM

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Went out for a ride with my wife last sunday.
My Sekine and testing the new tires and bar tape on her Fiori.

due ruote 04-19-12 10:11 PM
A little guy I met in FL recently.

scozim 04-21-12 05:40 PM

No riding today due to the 12 yo's doubleheader. Good day, though, as it was his second consecutive Saturday with 3 home runs.

thenomad 04-21-12 07:25 PM

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My bike Riiiiight now.

Chris_in_Miami 04-21-12 07:32 PM


Originally Posted by -holiday76 (Post 14118697)
A shot from a "bike shop" i rode by on my commute home the other day. I played with the exposure a bit.

Nice saturation!

Chris_in_Miami 04-21-12 07:45 PM

Rode to Ft. Lauderdale beach last night and got caught in a thunderstorm. Pedaled to Riverside Market during a lull in the storm and had some fish tacos and tried a few varieties of beer:

Over 500 to choose from!

cobrabyte 04-22-12 07:09 PM

glass art
"Italian Flag" dinner

kc0yef 04-22-12 07:50 PM


Originally Posted by cobrabyte (Post 14132059)

that is beautiful ever heard of Dale Chihuly

Chris_in_Miami 04-22-12 07:54 PM

Exactly three crabs.

Quality assembly, quality bikes!

DiegoFrogs 04-22-12 08:01 PM

That doesn't look too bad, really. I often wonder why the cheap bikes at places like Wal-Mart couldn't be simpler than an $80 double-suspension mountain bike, and I find that they're changing quite a bit lately.

I don't understand the need for the 80 spoke radial front wheel, though.

cobrabyte 04-22-12 08:03 PM


Originally Posted by kc0yef (Post 14132219)
that is beautiful ever heard of Dale Chihuly

yes, I work here :
I'm always glad to meet a fan of glass craft! :)

I am looking forward to the completion of his new museum in Seattle this year, finally a good reason to travel out West

kc0yef 04-22-12 08:16 PM

When you get up this way we have a BF Seattle Coffee the space needle was built 50 years ago for the 62 worlds fair and they painted it Gold last week....

Lea_Kim 04-22-12 08:32 PM

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Here in Montreal, it's sometimes hazardous to use the bike lane!

kc0yef 04-22-12 08:35 PM

fender1 04-22-12 08:49 PM

It rained today so I built this.


whatwolf 04-22-12 08:53 PM

Took my 1-day-old for its first rainy ride:

thenomad 04-22-12 08:59 PM

what bars are those?

Gravity Aided 04-23-12 04:33 AM


Originally Posted by fender1 (Post 14132469)
It rained today so I built this.


Seldom see such a positive effect from a rainstorm .

ColonelJLloyd 04-23-12 07:16 AM


Originally Posted by Chris_in_Miami (Post 14132237)

That's my brand!

due ruote 04-23-12 07:30 AM


Originally Posted by thenomad (Post 14132511)
what bars are those?

those look like VO Porteur to me.

echo 04-23-12 07:47 AM

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Just because...

jet sanchEz 04-23-12 08:09 AM

I dropped by Alex Singer's shop while in Paris

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