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Drillium Dude 07-30-11 09:09 PM

^ You're the wee one in the orange and black jersey, right?


illwafer 07-30-11 09:11 PM

^ there really is a velognome!

scozim 07-30-11 10:11 PM

Some more from today in the great northwest:

Jeff (Drillium) and lunch:

Some nice Stronglight drilled rings:

Some cool toe clips on the Colgnago. Unfortunately the left one broke up the last nasty hill (wrong turn and I pushed up in a 42-21 while Jeff was stuck in a 42-18)

We hooked up with a couple of riders on their carbon bikes for a little while:

scozim 07-30-11 10:19 PM

The Colnago, Peugeot PSV and my FrankenTrek 510

RobE30 07-31-11 05:58 AM


Originally Posted by Velognome (Post 13011713)

That looks like GOOD beer!

Capecodder 07-31-11 06:43 AM

My VERY spoiled baby this morning.

ScottRyder 07-31-11 07:15 AM

Mike, that is some BIG pooch!


Capecodder 07-31-11 07:38 AM


Originally Posted by Scottryder (Post 13012671)
Mike, that is some BIG pooch!


:D She sure is..... She has really eased the pain of the loss of my dog Amy, and she is very well loved. She looks right at home does she not?

ScottRyder 07-31-11 07:48 AM

She's dreaming of her next bowl of food!


RavingManiac 07-31-11 07:58 AM


Originally Posted by Capecodder (Post 13012731)
:D She sure is..... She has really eased the pain of the loss of my dog Amy, and she is very well loved. She looks right at home does she not?

Does she let you on the couch, or is that all hers now? She looks quite content, a great looking dog.

Capecodder 07-31-11 08:12 AM


Originally Posted by RavingManiac (Post 13012782)
Does she let you on the couch, or is that all hers now? She looks quite content, a great looking dog.

LOL.... She pretty much took the couch over, and I get the floor but that's fine cause she's such a wonderful dog and I am sooooooo lucky to have found her.

Coop500 07-31-11 08:31 AM

Awesome dog.

abarth 07-31-11 09:16 AM


Originally Posted by Drillium Dude (Post 13011526)
Scozim, Roger M and I did a nice rolling ride of about 45 miles around Lake Stevens/Snohomish/Lake Roessinger today. My climbing was pathetic compared to those two; Scott has some serious fast-twitch muscle and Roger just spins away. I sweated on the back - but I was able to hang it out on the downhills so we kept together. Temps in the low 80s, not a cloud in the sky - and Roger picked a great route that took us through a lot of shady rollers.

That look so beautiful. I so wanted to go, but can't. When are you guys going to ride again?

scozim 07-31-11 09:28 AM


Originally Posted by abarth (Post 13012977)
That look so beautiful. I so wanted to go, but can't. When are you guys going to ride again?

We all agreed we need to do it again before whatever summer we have disappears. I'm going to do the Manastash Metric again on Oct 1 if you feel like coming over.

Drillium Dude 07-31-11 10:43 AM

^ +1.

I'll pick better gearing for the next ride, use my "unfair advantage" (the drillium Alpina) and, fingers crossed, I find out what's bugging my back!

We have to do a real sit-down/BS lunch on the next one.


cb400bill 07-31-11 11:06 AM

Pic from my morning ride.

Drillium Dude 07-31-11 11:14 AM

Okay folks, let's see some of your cats:


cb400bill 07-31-11 11:23 AM

A while back I caught Lily surfing BF.

Drillium Dude 07-31-11 11:52 AM

^ She looks guilty - or defiant! Was she on the "For Trade" thread getting rid of your stuff?


gomango 07-31-11 12:31 PM

This pic was taken a few years ago before "Orbit" the cat was put on a weight loss program. :)

...and Jeff, thank you so much for the Campy levers.

Fabulous work that was the talk of our breakfast ride today.

They will really pop the Zullo Sprint project onto the next level.

We really must talk about a project together.

I have an idea or two.

snarkypup 07-31-11 12:48 PM

Mitten the Magnificent, two days ago, as I was learning to take photos in low light:
mittenevening by snarkypup, on Flickr

retrofit 07-31-11 02:04 PM

Calvin & Hobbes (C on the right, H on the left):

scozim 07-31-11 02:12 PM

2 Attachment(s)
One of the cats at her favorite spot during the day and one of the dogs.

WNG 07-31-11 05:59 PM

Great ride pics! And some cute four-legged friends. Here's two favorite pics of my two cats when they were small...
Pulcina on the left, and Cicciolina on the right.
Quick! I don't know how long I can hold her! by WNG555, on Flickr

On the shoulders of Mrs. WNG.
La Dolce Vita by WNG555, on Flickr

Now full sized. Cicciolina napping in my office.
Please! Just another 5 minutes! by WNG555, on Flickr

Pulcina this past Christmas morning.
2010 Christmas-112 by WNG555, on Flickr

WNG 07-31-11 07:51 PM

Continuing with cats....this one belongs to the Cats Of Italy lore.
I noted earlier in another thread that I was going to Italy to meet my wife's relatives. And hoped to locate some bike parts while over there. Well, Rome turned up nothing as some predicted. I gave up on the idea. When we head south to Cassino to visit wife mentioned I was into bicicletta, and Campagnolo to her cousin while enjoying espresso at a cafe. She immediately turned to the cafe owner and inquired about shops in town. Only one might have what I was looking for. She took us there, where upon I discover an old-school LBS like the ones from my childhood. Simple facade, bikes lined along the sidewalk, dimly lit, full of racks of tires, bikes hanging from the ceiling. Two mechanics resided over the place, a stream of patrons getting their rides fixed in the shop and outside street side. First mechanic (with pony tail) only dealt with MTBs, didn't know much of what I wanted. My wife did her best to translate SR derailleurs, levers, etc. The 2nd mechanic was the owner and road racer, he knew of all the items I was interested in. But unfortunately tells me a couple guys from Northern Italy came into town 2 weeks ago and bought out every last piece of old equipment in the store! NOOOOOO! Apparently, there was a vintage bicycle flea market held during Cassino's anniversary holiday. I got there too late! Feeling dejected, I didn't want to leave empty handed, I told him among the modern stuff, I needed 10 speed Centaur brifters, "cambios" (derailleurs), BB's. He would search his backroom and told us to return after lunch. He did allow me to look through some old Super Record boxes full of loose items. Told me it's just storage of misc. items. He didn't even remember what was in them. I found a pair of Campy DT shifters (either Chorus or Athena) and a partial set of Dura Ace 8 speed DT's. He told me I can take them! @_@
Returning later, we were greeted on the counter by this little cat. I assumed it belonged to the owner, but apparently, it's a stray. It one day wandered into the shop, made itself home and never left. It leaves every night and returns the next day! I petted her while she purred. Then the owner returns with a pair of brifters and DP calipers. I shifted my attention to the parts....the cat in protest takes a paw and pushes the brifters aside, gently bites my hand and guides my hand back to her end of the counter to pet her! The patrons broke out in laughter! It was the cutest thing I've witness a stray cat do. I had to take a pic of her while my wife scratched her chin. The owner was a cool fellow. Although I probably could've gotten the set cheaper if I tried on ebay, I bought them for his great customer service and gifts to me.
Cassino-28 by WNG555, on Flickr
Cassino-24 by WNG555, on Flickr
Cassino-25 by WNG555, on Flickr
Cassino-26 by WNG555, on Flickr
Cassino-27 by WNG555, on Flickr

Later that evening, my wife's cousin's best friend stopped by to meet us. We spoke about the day's happenings and things focused once again on bicycles. Turns out her father was a local racer. She wanted me to follow her out back to show me her father's old race bike. Her father in his golden years had gifted the bike to my wife's cousin's only son. It was given years ago when he was still a teen. But he never took to it and it's been sitting in a shed neglected. I took it out into the sunlight to peruse it. It's a Marzano...unknown to me, but the build quality was excellent. The fluted stay caps, lug cutouts, brazing. I estimate it's a 70s era frame. It was in a sad state, rusted and rotting away. The sew ups were falling apart. She was obviously upset and distressed about how her father's old bike was in. I told her the bike was a really nice one, and commented on the recognizable Campy components. She asked if it could be restored. I said sure. Then she offered it to me! Wow! But I couldn't logistically....hauling a bike box back to Phoenix. Hmm, it does fit my wife! Later over dinner, she told us her father loved cycling. But strangely, she didn't know how to ride a bike! He never taught her! Wasn't the proper thing for a girl to be doing. Sad. She also pointed out that her father and the owner of the only bike shop in town were the best of friends. The bike was likely built and maintained in the shop we were at earlier. I must have been served by the son. His father must be one of the gentlemen in the wall photos!
My Italian bike shop adventure got somewhat fulfilled after all.
Cassino-23 by WNG555, on Flickr
Cassino-22 by WNG555, on Flickr
Cassino-20 by WNG555, on Flickr
Cassino-21 by WNG555, on Flickr

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