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ciclimondial 07-27-11 08:39 AM

Internal cable routing issue - special plugs required?

I am in the process of reviving a Dawes ( touring frame.
However, I am a bit puzzled regarding the internal cable routing. As you can see on
the picture the holes are rather big. So I suppose that I need special frame plugs.
The Dawes customer service could not offer any help - so I am counting on you.
Maybe these openings used to be some kind of a standard?!

I appreciate all relevant comments or ideas :thumb:

bbattle 07-27-11 08:56 AM

I think you might have good luck contacting a rubber grommet company, providing the dimensions of your cable ports, and seeing if they have something that will fit or is close enough for an exacto knife.

Ex Pres 07-27-11 09:11 AM

Someone recently posted pics of a frame that uses those same grommets. A Fuji, perhaps?

Edit: found it - it is a Fuji. Scroll down and look at the Tiara in this thread

ciclimondial 07-28-11 01:24 AM

@bbattle - Excellent idea! Thank you. I will definitely take this as an option
@Ex Pres - Great piece of information - so at least it does seem that these
drillings are somewhat standardized. I wrote shnibop on his wall since I am
not able to send PMs - hopefully he'll drop me an email.


ftwelder 07-28-11 03:41 AM

I have some. PM sent.
IMG_3706 by barnstormerbikes, on Flickr

darylw1 11-23-11 02:39 PM

I just found this thread, and I have exactly the same issue, and was wondering if anyone still has some of these plugs? I'm in the UK, but if there is no-one here, then I can pay for shipping from the US. I've had the frame (Dawes as well!) for years, but not been able to find any plugs, so they'll be a life saver! .....


hallohase 03-16-14 06:30 AM

I think I need the ones on the left. Panasonic frame.
Would it be possible to have them sent to Germany?
Thanks for the help.

Bianchigirll 03-16-14 07:39 PM


Chombi 03-16-14 07:59 PM

Looks like Cinelli's cable grommets might work on that frame too. Lots of them for sale NOS at eBay for usually not too much.
I noticed that Dawes wisely reinforced those oval openings on the TT, which is good, as some brand bikes that have similar internal routing holes had cracking problems.....

hallohase 03-19-14 07:49 AM

Any chance I could still buy some?
That'd be great.

Bianchigirll 03-19-14 10:05 AM

Originally Posted by ftwelder (Post 12998040)

Originally Posted by hallohase (Post 16591595)
Any chance I could still buy some?
That'd be great.

Holy Cow I never noticed this was a Zombie thread

ftwelder 03-19-14 06:49 PM

Originally Posted by Bianchigirll (Post 16592098)
Holy Cow I never noticed this was a Zombie thread

Zombies are everywhere..!

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