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MalcolmsFrejus 08-25-11 07:10 AM

"What's that leaning against your fence?"
My Franklin. Not vintage but maybe classic.
It's supposed to be the bike I would have had, had I been into this sort of thing back then.

Italuminium 08-25-11 11:27 AM

My decidedly C&V piano, 1910, Hautrive, very light action steinway-esque mechanism, pretty ivory keys with a horrid yellow lump of english pigiron in front of it.
P1040980 by ctjr, on Flickr

and once again, now with the ultimate accesory of urban hipster ******baggery
P1040843 by ctjr, on Flickr

the canal in front of my house, obscured by some alloy
Alan Super Record by ctjr, on Flickr

powermatt99 08-25-11 11:38 AM

Just got home with this. 1985 Trek 520. Reynolds 501 tubes. It appears to be all stock which is kind of a disappointment. I wanted to cold set the rear to accept 130mm hubs and put a modern group on. Now I might want to keep it stock. The tires are dry-rotted pretty bad and the brake pads seem brittle.

This is my other offering. 1988 Trek 1200. The aluminum sure beats me up on the rough Milwaukee streets (which is why I picked up the bike above). BTW, the Soma Everwear tires are excellent for heavy urban cycling.

bikingshearer 08-25-11 06:45 PM


Originally Posted by rccardr (Post 13127953)

You know, I could swear I've seen two frames just like these hanging around bigbossman's garage once upon a time. Could it be they both up and traveled from Chez Bossman to the same locale? Naaaah, it can't be - no one would buy from BBM twice . . . . :innocent:

top506 08-27-11 07:11 AM

That'll do for starters.


Capecodder 08-27-11 08:19 AM

That Moto looks like it's resting at the Chatham light!!!!

top506 08-27-11 12:40 PM


Originally Posted by Capecodder (Post 13139951)
That Moto looks like it's resting at the Chatham light!!!!

nlerner had posted it to the list when it ran on CL. I contacted the seller, did the deal, and had the guy in Hyannis drop it off at my parents house in Chatham on his next delivery run there.
I like that spot, and try to shoot all the 'Official portraits" there.


63_dorinte 08-27-11 08:19 PM

My 1981 Ron Stout, mixed build, have been a few changes since these pics, but you get the idea . . .

And more recent pic with new saddle:

Still not satisfied with those fenders, they just don't fit quite right.

due ruote 08-27-11 10:40 PM

1978 Motobecane Team Champion
Re-decorated 1973 Raleigh Gran Sport

Chris W. 08-27-11 11:46 PM[/QUOTE]

I always enjoy seeing this bike!


mazdaspeed 08-28-11 12:23 AM

Yeah it looks awesome. Very vintage-y looking.

due ruote 08-28-11 08:00 AM

Thanks for the compliments. The bike frankly looks best from a few feet away, but it's a great rider.

Petey123 08-28-11 01:07 PM

my new project bike as of yesterday. '86 raleigh marathon

jbkirby 08-29-11 02:15 PM

1971 DL170 International frame:

1971 DL170 International, built:

1972 DL170 International:

-holiday76 08-30-11 01:52 PM

rccardr 08-30-11 06:46 PM


Naaaah, it can't be - no one would buy from BBM twice . . .
Actually, more than twice if you count wheel sets!

SvenMN 08-31-11 10:19 AM

I'll play. Peugeot PX-10 ~1973, as recently ridden for several club events.

SvenMN 08-31-11 10:22 AM

Custom built Dutch/Belgian with Italian components, ~1985. As ridden for club training rides, TTs, and several duathlons.

Puget Pounder 08-31-11 11:47 AM


Originally Posted by SvenMN (Post 13159068)
I'll play. Peugeot PX-10 ~1973, as recently ridden for several club events.

Those levers are crazy low!

eric1514 08-31-11 12:09 PM

This is my Raleigh Super Course. I bought in new in 1968 for around $130 with money I saved doing chores and helping a friend with his paper route. I was 13. Sometime in the late 70s, early 80s, I stripped it down, repainted it and updated the components with what I thought was cool and affordable for me back then.

I kept the Weimann hubs but had to build them up on new Araya rims. New Shimano 600 cranks and BB to replace the cottered originals. New Shimano 600 headset and Dura Ace front derailleur. Suntour Cyclone rear and Dia-Compe Gran Compes for stopping. Pedals, stem, Kept the saddle.

Its a mish-mosh, but it works.


retrofit 08-31-11 01:28 PM

A pic of my 1980 Gios from this AM's jaunt...

Rocket-Sauce 08-31-11 05:08 PM

Daily commuter/kiddie hauler: 1990 Fuji Ace

Wife's resto-modernized 1990 RB-1:

My fixed gear street rig 198? Chris Chance track:

SvenMN 08-31-11 06:56 PM


Originally Posted by Puget Pounder (Post 13159469)
Those levers are crazy low!

Been in that position from the factory, or when set up initially by the LBS (bike purchased by my brother who passed it to me). Lizard Skin tape covers the original intact black wrap. I suppose I could rotate the bars up a bit, but have left it as is. Probably could lower the stem as well, but it rides fine.

Kuotient 08-31-11 11:06 PM


Originally Posted by RobbieTunes (Post 13126055)


cbresciani 09-01-11 08:13 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Here are my two. Pista Pista

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