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henrys01 10-10-11 04:58 AM

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This is my first road bike. It's a Spalding RE which I bought this at a junk bike sale for $20. I have no idea what year it is. I can't find much info on it.

I just put some new tires on it and cleaned it up. It rides great. It still needs some odds and ends (brakes and chain suck) but other than that its really fun bike. I bought it for my 2 mile work commute without worrying about someone stealing it.

gerryincwm 10-11-11 11:02 AM
The frame is early 60s and the equipment mainly 80s

rat fink 10-15-11 12:28 PM

Here are my vintage road bikes in their most recent garb:

yellowjeep 10-15-11 01:06 PM

^^^ two pretty sweet bikes right there

Creme Brulee 10-17-11 02:08 PM

thats quite a bit of post!

Sixty Fiver 10-17-11 02:27 PM

Slowly but surely, I have been restoring content and in checking discovered I had posted close to 2000 images here and although I will not be restoring all of those do have some favourites...

1954 Raleigh Sports 700c club conversion

Where else would you find a British bike ?

Saddle porn...

Bars are aluminium... with a lot of polish

Early brifter...

Full Monty...

southpawboston 10-17-11 09:27 PM

This is my latest acquisition, and the most appropriate for this thread. 1971 Mercian Olympic, whose frame underwent repair and complete restoration and repaint by Mercian last year:

Sixty Fiver 10-17-11 09:48 PM




buldogge 10-17-11 10:53 PM

This was my first real road bike...wish I still had it...loved that bike! I think mine was an '81 or '82. I donated it to the co-op (where I now volunteer) back in '88!!


Originally Posted by Poguemahone (Post 13341434)
To continue the theme, 1979ish Ross Aristocrat. These were produced by Ross just prior to the Kellogg/Redkay signatures. They're not common, I know of one other Aristocrat. There was a model just above the Aristocrat, the Paragon (I have no idea what was on it, I've only seen one re-hacked example) and one just below, the Super Grand Tour XV which lacked the top tube cable run and had some lesser components in addition to a 600 group.

rat fink 10-18-11 08:42 AM


Originally Posted by yellowjeep (Post 13368822)
^^^ two pretty sweet bikes right there

Thank you.


Originally Posted by Creme Brulee (Post 13376915)
thats quite a bit of post!

Seat posts come in lengths of 350mm - 410mm these days. A real blessing to those with special fit considerations.

RobbieTunes 10-18-11 04:23 PM

auchencrow 10-18-11 07:51 PM

'74 Moto GJ

Sixty Fiver 10-20-11 10:09 PM

A little work in progress...

delicious 10-20-11 11:54 PM


Originally Posted by auchencrow (Post 13383637)

Clean! I can tell you did a lot of work on this one. Good job. Nice improvised bike stand too!

Sixty Fiver 10-21-11 11:15 PM

Yesterday was all for English bikes and today I worked on an old French lady that I had given to my step son 4 years ago when he was 17 and he has been riding this bike hard.

Came to me last week with a loose bottom bracket, it was stuck on one gear, and I was quite happy to see that the wheels I installed were still holding true although those tyres were looking pretty worn.

Swapped the cottered crank out for a Shimano Exage and replaced the Simplex Prestige with Suntour half ratchets, a Spirt front d, and an Honour rear d as he plans to ride through winter and who wants to subject a nicer V series derailleur to that ?

And if this bike is going to see winter it needed fenders and installed some nice cross tyres as we have yet to see snow and will then toss on some Nokain winter tyres.

Amazing how fenders can transform a bicycle...

He loves this bike... maybe he will also keep it for 50 or 60 years.


otg 10-22-11 06:22 PM

My 1971 Schwinn Super Sport, finally got around to restoring it, just about finished. I got this bike as a teenager and it sat for about the last 20 years. I put the chain on right after I took these pictures. I'm taking out into the daylight for the first time in decades tomorrow morning for a short ride to see how it is.

solbrothers 10-22-11 08:04 PM

My 1993 Bradley custom frame with Ultega 6600 group and Dura Ace 7800 DT shifters

Roger M 10-22-11 08:14 PM

Is that a 48cm.... head tube? I would guesss you're close to 7' tall?

And I thought I had big bikes. Yowza

solbrothers 10-22-11 08:17 PM

the steerer is 350mm long. not sure on headtube length

Sixty Fiver 10-24-11 02:21 PM


Originally Posted by Sixty Fiver (Post 13393804)

Progress... pump, light, and rack added.

rccardr 10-24-11 03:45 PM

Just finished this:

Gravity Aided 10-26-11 02:54 PM

Speaking of Ross..
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I ran across a very nice 1984ish Ross Signature 290s in a garage sale this weekend. I bought it from the original owner. It has the basic shimano gruppo, and provides a clyde like me a nimble and comfortable ride.

Dlongmuir 10-26-11 04:24 PM

Univega activia ....80s I beleive correct me if I'm wring lol well yea here are some pics I love this bike I'm just having some trouble with the real wheel/chain.
Well here are the pics everything stock except the rack which is a to peak explorer.


Sorry for the bad pics if anybody wants to see my rack with the bag let me know I'd be glad to post up some pics.

wergraph 10-29-11 03:57 AM

1981 Gazelle Champion Mondial
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stevenc 10-30-11 03:39 PM


Originally Posted by rccardr (Post 13407903)

Very nice, want to see more pic's!

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