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udirom 11-11-11 05:07 AM

Please help ID 70's Bertin bikes model
Can anyone tell what is the bikes model form these pictures?


Amoxicillin 11-11-11 06:59 AM

does this help?

udirom 11-11-11 06:34 PM

No clue?

repechage 11-11-11 06:43 PM

Bertin used the frame to denote a model and the components could vary quite a bit, depending on the order.
this bike is late 70's at the earliest.
I would push it to the 80's
C-35 would be my best guess.
It is not the "pro" model.

udirom 11-12-11 08:37 AM

Thanks a lot!
The guy asks for 300$, do you think it's a reasonable price?

Capecodder 11-12-11 09:21 AM

I agree it beeing a late 70's early 80's C34 or C35....... These are some of the best riding bike that few people even know about. If it is in really good shape I would pay $300 for it without thinking twice. I would not pay $300 if my intent wat to sell it, as they are unknown here in the States. Here is my 71 C34........

Uploaded with

udirom 11-12-11 12:56 PM

I do not intend to sell them. I want to restore them and use them for everyday city ride and for some weekend trips.
Really liked what you did with your ride, if my final outcome will be like this they definitly worth the money.
I'm from Israel by the way.
Thanks alot,

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