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IthaDan 03-25-12 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by supafast213 (Post 14012486)
I had the chance to rewrap the bars today. Here is my result...

What do you think of those levers? I've had my eye on either those or the cane creeks for my single speed. I've spent the last 5 years riding on the hoods of brifters and the old school aero levers I have just don't feel sturdy enough to really hammer on (yes, I know I should be in the drops, but habits are tough to break.) Are they as solid as they look? I've seen tektros that look almost identical to the cane creeks- just like an older ergo, what are those?

supafast213 03-25-12 05:33 PM

So far so good. They are worlds better than the levers they replaced. I can grab them or just lay my hands on them without any issues. They are taller than my old levers so I had to get new brake cables and housing. I removed the Tektro logos with acetone.

OldsCOOL 03-25-12 06:52 PM

Very nice.

supafast213 03-25-12 08:16 PM

Here are some shots of the original paperwork and hang tags for the bike..
Suntour 7 speed Accushift instructions
Accushift hang tag
1987 Cannondale catalog cover
1987 Black Lightning
Original Invoice

supafast213 03-27-12 04:03 PM

I just looked at my last post. Sorry for the blurry pics, I blame the booze. Anyway, I have a quick question. What are the basic specs I need to consider for my next bottom bracket? I know that Cannondales use English thread, my BB shell is 68mm wide. Is there anything else to consider?

reducedfatoreo 03-28-12 10:02 AM

you'll want to look at spindle length depending on whether you're going double or changing to triple

bradtx 03-28-12 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by supafast213 (Post 14024181)
I know that Cannondales use English thread, my BB shell is 68mm wide. Is there anything else to consider?

If you're going to change the crankset find a BB that fits it best. If you're just changing the BB, pick up a UN-54 or 55 in whatever length spindle you now have, unless you want to change the tread width.


supafast213 03-28-12 02:47 PM

Sorry I was so vague. The crankset is a new Shimano 5700 105 unit (keeping with the group already installed on the bike). I've done some looking since I asked about BB earlier. It looks like everything will fit fine. Thanks for the help. Below is an example of the crank I should be recieving today.

supafast213 03-30-12 08:13 PM

Good news! I just finished with the updated drive train. I picked up an Ultegra external bearing BB from my LBS today. I also grabbed some new shifter cables. I just finished installing and tuning the final group. It shifts razor fast and clean. Here is a pic of the final drive group, all Shimano 105 5700.

I realize that these mods might get under the skin of the vintage purists, but rest assured, I wouldn't have replaced all of these components if this bike was purchased in pristine condition. I picked this group for it's relative affordability and it's dark cosmetics. I'll role the bike out for the obligatory photos later.

OldsCOOL 03-30-12 09:03 PM

The crank looks sweet. And it's me that would be a necessary and the reason why I want one of these. Shoot, I can search out and buy a 300 with another color but it just wouldnt ride the same :D

supafast213 03-30-12 09:14 PM

Oldscool, I have overspent on this one because I like the frame. The only thing I have to show for it is a nice bike and a pile of scratched/worn parts. So far, I have no regrets. This bike was born to be mine and I am building it to my spec. I'm still way under the entry level price of a new bike. I know that you've been searching for a nice example of the Black Lightning and I encourage you to keep looking. Be patient. This bike is not rare or valuable. BTW, when I stand on the pegs, it go's.

IthaDan 03-30-12 10:10 PM

Very cool! I'm really falling for resto-mod bikes, something about old frames with modern drivetrains does a lot for me.

What's the plan for those telford levers when the brifters get added ;)

supafast213 03-31-12 05:19 AM

I'm not sure yet. It might be a while as brifters are horribly expensive. My garage tends to use a trickle down policy. I'm sure one of my other bikes will love them.

supafast213 03-31-12 04:33 PM

Some more progress pics.

New Ultegra external cup BB

supafast213 05-27-12 04:38 PM

BTW, I'm deadly with the lawn darts

Game winning shots.

reducedfatoreo 05-27-12 07:23 PM

Good thing the Department of Safety is closed during Memorial Day Weekend.

supafast213 08-04-12 05:38 PM

It's been a while since I posted some progress pics. This is where the Lightning has leveled off. It has a matched pair of Mavic Aksion tires and a take off Scott saddle with the white pin striping removed.

My cockpit, setup for evening riding.

ftwelder 08-04-12 06:23 PM

You have sure made a lot of progress on this machine. Well Done!

bradtx 08-04-12 09:41 PM

supafast213, I can relate to the "it was made for me" remark. My '89 CR300 has 'out lived' all of the other Cannondale roadies I've built because there's just something about it the others didn't deliver. Certainly not the prettiest, but the scratches are mostly mine and have a story behind them. It's been through 4 1/2 builds and the last included removing the 600 STI levers for 600 DT shifters, just seems more right.

I replaced my headset with a black T-S 'mountain bike' 1" headset years ago. I think that this is it:!QQra5M73Bj...FU2htgodz0IAHA .


Drillium Dude 08-04-12 10:19 PM


Originally Posted by supafast213 (Post 14567247)

If that's "leveled off", well, I can't think of any better place to pull up; looks fantastic :)

That is the perfect frame for a modern upgrade - you've got me thinking outside my little box, now...


supafast213 08-05-12 02:39 PM


Originally Posted by bradtx (Post 14567840)
I replaced my headset with a black T-S 'mountain bike' 1" headset years ago. I think that this is it:!QQra5M73BjI!4UiFSUhHdQ!/Tange-Levin-CDS-Threaded-Headset?utm_source=FRGL&utm_medium=organic&gclid=CKqT0tbFz7ECFU2htgodz0IAHA .


Thanks for the heads up. The stem bearings have been bugging me for a while (the bearings are fine but the set looks beat). My goal is to swap them out in one night with no fit issues. Can anybody tell me exactly what size headset I need for my setup?

reducedfatoreo 09-11-12 09:56 PM

I've used this VO headset on both my SR which got a new Nashbar carbon fork and on an old ST which retained the original Tange steel fork and it fit both perfectly. Classic look, plus sealed bearings make me happy. Wish it had come in black for the ST, but you can't have everything!

[TD][TABLE="class: data-table, width: 227"]
[TR="class: first odd"]
[TH="class: label"]SKU[/TH]
[TD="class: data last"]HS-0003[/TD]
[TR="class: even, bgcolor: #FCFCFC"]
[TH="class: label"]Manufacturer[/TH]
[TD="class: data last"]Velo Orange[/TD]
[TR="class: odd"]
[TH="class: label"]Finish[/TH]
[TD="class: data last"]Polished Alloy[/TD]
[TR="class: even, bgcolor: #FCFCFC"]
[TH="class: label"]Threaded/Threadless[/TH]
[TD="class: data last"]Threaded[/TD]
[TR="class: odd"]
[TH="class: label"]Headset Size[/TH]
[TD="class: data last"]1"[/TD]
[TR="class: even, bgcolor: #FCFCFC"]
[TH="class: label"]Stack Height[/TH]
[TD="class: data last"]42mm[/TD]
[TR="class: odd"]
[TH="class: label"]Crown Race Diameter[/TH]
[TD="class: data last"]26.4mm[/TD]
[TR="class: even, bgcolor: #FCFCFC"]
[TH="class: label"]S.H.I.S. Upper[/TH]
[TD="class: data last"]EC30 / 25.4-24tpi[/TD]
[TR="class: odd"]
[TH="class: label"]S.H.I.S. Lower[/TH]
[TD="class: data last"]EC30 / 26[/TD]
[TR="class: last even, bgcolor: #FCFCFC"]
[TH="class: label"]UPC[/TH]
[TD="class: data"]815667010411[/TD]


supafast213 09-18-12 03:17 PM

Thanks for the specs Oreo, I'm gonna keep looking for a black set using your measurements. It has to be black...

reducedfatoreo 09-27-12 09:37 PM

Bust out the spraypaint...:rolleyes:

cehowardGS 11-14-12 08:53 PM


Originally Posted by khatfull (Post 13646975)
Looks awfully familiar.....hmmmm...

I have the original RD, you have the original saddle, go figure.

I found the yellow Cannondale bottle on eBay, I'd LOVE to find a second. My saddle is a Turbo special with gold rails, it fills in the for Volare SLX pretty well I think.

Nice bike, I have to approve :)

Nice bike, I have to approve :)[/QUOTE]

If you remember, I am the one that sold you that yellow cannondale water bottle. ;)

Anyway, I just got on the BL bandwagon too. I just got run out of another thread, so since I sold you that water bottle, and this is an old thread, I am posting up my 88 Black Lightning that I just picked up today for $225. I can tell you all right now, that in about 5 months from now, give or take a couple months, after Robbie Tunes gets finish with mine, it is going to be kller!!;)

Here it as I got it today.. The stem looks like it has been through a war, :) but all parts say "edge", and it is my size too.

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