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malcolmw 01-25-12 01:19 PM

Who Built this Frame
I have a frame built for Mick Walker Cycles of Skipton Yorkshire, The frame was supplied by Mel Bentley of Leeds Yorkshire. Mel Bentley was not a frame builder so who would have supplied frame to him from say 1975/85 the frame has the number 904 stamped on the bottom bracket is 531c reynolds tubing with slightly decorative Luggs
any ideas would be of assistance as I am refurbishing it and would like to get the right name on the frame. Thanks

rhenning 01-25-12 01:22 PM

PICTURE please. Roger

malcolmw 01-30-12 02:53 AM

Who Built This Frame
Frame being Resprayed will post pictures then and now when I get it back

T-Mar 01-30-12 06:38 AM

Offhand, I have no idea but I can tell you to eliminate the early portion of your timeframe. Reynolds 531C made its debut circa 1983/1984.

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