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Drillium Dude 05-17-13 11:36 PM

As noted by road2you above, we're on track - just some personal time required. As long as we all just drop a quick line if we're delayed, that will suffice.

I'm loath to up the post requirement since we've had a pretty good run for over a year; there's only been one BOC stolen and just a few delays here and there. I think we're doing pretty well, so for now I'll leave the post count set at 50.

draig and jrhii - you've both been re-added to the queue. Anyone else want to be added/re-added, just let me know.

RaleighSport - do you need a mailing addy for me? Now that a new batch of BOC stickers is good to go, I'm salivating in anticipation :)


frantik 05-18-13 06:08 AM


Originally Posted by mrlassiter (Post 15638559)
Your priorities are correct.

agree 100% :) woo hoo the BOC is on the left coast for the next few rounds, should be seeing it soon

RaleighSport 05-18-13 09:25 AM

Hot off the press... or in this case on the press..

DD If where you'd like them sent has not changed than no, if you'd like them sent to a different addy please PM me with the specifics.

draig 05-18-13 12:35 PM

Thanks DD ^^

Iowegian 05-21-13 09:53 PM

If a Mavic 671/672 headset wrench is still in there, a member is looking for one in the ISO/For Trade thread. I had one but I'm pretty sure I sent it off in the BOC. Just thought I'd mention it in case it's still making the rounds without finding a home.

RaleighSport 05-24-13 10:10 AM

Welp I'm back, and no sign of the BoC yet... R2Y did you get a tracking #?

frantik 05-24-13 01:07 PM

time to break out the bran muffins.. OC to North bay shouldn't take longer than a day or two. tracking number is always included with priority mail

acoffin 05-25-13 10:32 PM

I'm sure everything is just fine here. Right?

Drillium Dude 05-26-13 05:38 AM

Ah, man........

Anybody have news - even if it's bad?

RS: I'll pass along my address here in DG to you via PM; thank you!


frantik 05-26-13 08:07 AM

Road2you shared his phone # with me (unsolicited) when he returned last time... if someone wants to call him feel free to pm me

frantik 05-28-13 07:01 AM

i think we found it!

smontanaro 05-28-13 07:11 AM

Ah, man! Those tennis players are always stealing crappy bike parts!

himespau 05-28-13 07:31 AM

Maybe Road2You had to go back to visit his grandma and forgot the box in his trunk?

RaleighSport 05-28-13 11:08 AM

This is kind of funny, kind of ironic.. kind of messed up... I'm currently waiting on a couple framesets that are taking quite a while and then this happens, hopefully patience is the better part of sanity and I can keep both. :D

curbtender 05-28-13 03:31 PM

As a garbageman I've become the go to guy for a lot of people to deal with old crap. Shipping it in a box isn't the best route. I also garage sale and tend to see a lot of people throwing away usable items. My garage breathes full and then blows empty a few times a year. If you want to move this box, it's $15. You may not get anything out of here. Ha, then you have to post pictures.

himespau 05-28-13 07:42 PM

uh, what?

frantik 05-28-13 07:56 PM

i think he was offering to ship his own box of crap for $15... but i'm not sure

RaleighSport 05-29-13 02:07 PM

Alright, I've got some stuff I could start a new box with, however not enough to really get it going I also have the decals that still need to be clearcoated but a few days and they'll be ready to go too (damn humidity), so does someone else want to start a box and I'll send them the decals, do people want to send me crap and I'll reboot the box, or are we still waiting?

smontanaro 05-29-13 02:13 PM

I have a few things. I'm not on the list at the moment, thinking I'd sit out a couple rounds. I'll try to remember to check when I get home and let RaleighSport know what I have.


acoffin 05-29-13 02:19 PM

I would be happy to send RaleighSport some items for a reboot. Maybe we should wait until someone tries to contact Road2you? How this issue is handled is up to DD and other BOC alumni.

lasauge 05-29-13 02:19 PM

Whenever the box gets to me I can put a significant amount of crap into it. It might be pretty crappy crap though...

I haven't given up hope on this box though, R2Y did imply that his grandmother wasn't in good health, and Frantik still has a phone number (has it been called yet?)

frantik 05-29-13 02:54 PM

i have not given him a call yet.. i PMed him yesterday though

himespau 05-29-13 03:48 PM

He hasn't been logged in here since he checked in to this thread on May 24, so maybe he's still out dealing with her health issues.

frantik 05-29-13 03:52 PM

if he hasn't checked in by next monday i'll give him a call..

bici_mania 05-30-13 08:15 AM

I am prepared to make a significant contribution if it becomes necessary to start BOC v5.

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