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Drillium Dude 03-30-12 09:27 PM

Box O' Crap game take 4 (that's right - 4)
Good evening to everyone in C&V land :)

The latest edition of the BOC has gone south once again. C'est la vie. This afternoon I was going through all my bike-related stuff and came up with a pile of stuff (I can't honestly call most of it crap). I realized it would probably all fit in a $15.95 USPS Flat Rate Box. Whoa - who'd have thunk it, right?


Andycapp was the next intended recipient after the box's last known owner. Andy lives just down the road, in the rainy state of Washington. I have already contacted him and am awaiting his mailing addy. I may very well have that by tomorrow and if so will ship the box tomorrow as well.

This was the list as it stood (beginning with Andy) on the first page of the last BOC thread:

Andy Capp - Received: 3APR12 - Sent: 5APR12
Glennfordx4 - Received: 7APR12 - Sent: 9APR12
Drummerboy1975 - Received: 11APR12 - Sent: 12APR12
Russd32 - Received: 17APR12 - Sent: 18APR12
Dwellman - Received: 20APR12 - Sent: 25APR12
realestvin7 - Received: ???????? - Sent: ????????
mikeybikes -Received: 3MAY12 - Sent: 5MAY12
Photogravity - Received: 7MAY12 - Sent: 10MAY12
RaleighSport - Received: 12MAY12 - Sent: 14MAY12
Iowegian- Received: 16MAY12 - Sent: 18MAY12
BluesDaddy - Received: 21MAY12 - Sent: 22MAY12
MrEss - Received: 25MAY12 - Sent: 30MAY12
Alphared - Received: 2JUN12 - Sent: ????????
Shnibop - Received: 8JUN12 - Sent: 11JUN12
whatwolf - Received: 13JUN12 - Sent: 15JUN12
Junk083 - Received: 19JUN12 - Sent: 22JUN12
ACH57 - Received: 25JUN12 - Sent: ????????
hairnet - Received: 2JUL12 - Sent: 6JUL12
GordoTrek - Received: 10JUL12 - Sent: 13JUL12
smontanaro - Received: 16JUL12 - Sent: 19JUL12
fusatia - Received: 23JUL12 - Sent: 24JUL12
jeirvine - Received: 27JUL12 - Sent: 27JUL12
Drillium Dude - Received: 30JUL12 - Sent: 3AUG12
RaleighSport - Received: 6AUG12 - Sent: 13AUG12
Glennfordx4 - Received: 16AUG12 - Sent: 23AUG 12

Ultraspontane - Received: 26AUG12 - Sent: ***EPIC FAIL***

photogravity - Received: 23SEP12 - Sent: 27SEP12
bikemore - Received: 1OCT12 - Sent: 9OCT12
dwellman - Received: 11OCT12 - Sent:12OCT12
Andycapp - Received: 15OCT12 - Sent: 19OCT12
uRabbit - Received: 20OCT12 - Sent: 22OCT12
realestvin7 - Received: 24OCT12 - Sent: 26OCT12
Iowegian - Received: 29OCT12 - Sent: 3NOV12
GordoTrek - Received: 6NOV12 - Sent: 8NOV12
jeirvine - Received: 12NOV12 - Sent: 13NOV12
smontanaro - Received: 15NOV12 - Sent: 16NOV12
KvltBryce - Received: 24NOV12 - Sent: 26NOV12
robtown - Received: 28NOV12 - Sent: 30NOV12
hughes208 - Received: 3DEC12 - Sent: 4DEC12
jrhii - Received: Received: 6DEC12 - Sent: 7DEC12
** puchfinnland ** - Received: 10DEC12 - Sent: 121212 :)
ThermionicScott - Received: 15DEC12 - Sent: 18DEC12
hairnet - Received: 22DEC12 - Sent: ??????
treebound - Received: 31DEC12 - Sent: 3JAN13
Glennfordx4 - Received: 7JAN13 - Sent: 9JAN13
Andycapp - Received: 12JAN13 - Sent: 15JAN13
lasauge - Received: 19JAN13 - Sent: 22JAN13
GordoTrek - Received: 25JAN13 - Sent: 29JAN13
frantik - Received: 31JAN13 - Sent: 1FEB13
Gaucho777- Received: 2FEB13 - Sent: 4FEB13
jeirvine - Received: 7FEB13 - Sent: 9FEB13
shoota - Received: 11FEB13 - Sent: 13FEB13
Ferrite - Received: 16FEB13 - Sent: 26FEB13
photogravity - Received: 1MAR13 - Sent: 2MAR13
smontanaro - Received: 4MAR13 - Sent: 5MAR13
Bike Cottage - Received: 7MAR13 - Sent: 13MAR13
16Victor - Received: 14MAR13 - Sent: 15MAR13
chicken0207: Received: ??????? - Sent:28MAR13
Ann.Occupanther: Received: 30MAR13 - Sent: 9APR13
Yo Spiff: Received: 11APR13 - Sent: 16APR13
shadoman: Received: 18APR13 - Sent: 18APR13
mrlassiter: Received: 22APR13 - Sent: 24APR13
cbchess: Received: 26APR13 - Sent: 27APR13
draig: Received: 1MAY13 - Sent: 2MAY13
Arrowana: Received: 4MAY13 - Sent: 6MAY13

road2you: Received: ??????? - Sent:
***EPIC FAIL #2***

RaleighSport: New box put together - Sent: 18JUN13
frantik: Received: 19JUN13 - Sent: 25JUN13
lasauge: Received: 28JUN13 - Sent: 1JUL13
acoffin: Received: 4JUL13 - Sent: 6JUL13
striknein: Received: 8JUL13 - Sent: 13JUL13
gt eunuch: Received: 15JUL13 - Sent: 17JUL13
GordoTrek: Received: 20JUL13 - Sent: 26JUL13
bici_mania: Received: 01AUG13 - Sent: 23AUG13
macbethpoe: Received: PLACEHOLDER :)
jrhii: Received: 24AUG13 - Sent: 27AUG13
Yo Spiff: Received: 29AUG13 - Sent: 4SEP13
RaleighSport: Received: 11SEP13 - Sent: 17SEP13
jeirvine: Received: 19SEP13 - Sent: 20SEP13
smontanaro: Received: 23SEP13 - Sent: 26SEP13
thenomad: Received: 28SEP13 - Sent: 30SEP13
striknein: Received: 8OCT13 - Sent: 10OCT13
Lascauxcaveman: Received: 12OCT13 - Sent: 17OCT13
crandress: Received: 18OCT13 - Sent: 21OCT13
toytech: Received: 24OCT13 - Sent: 25OCT13
awfulwaffle: Received: 28OCT13 - Sent: 22NOV13
RaleighSport: Received: 26NOV13 - Sent: 30DEC13
shoota: Received: 3JAN14 - Sent: 8JAN14
Bike Cottage: Received: 12JAN14 - Sent: 21JAN14
hughes208: Received: 23JAN14 - Sent: 24JAN14
16Victor: Recieved: ??JAN14 - Sent: 3FEB14
M A V: Received: 6FEB14 - Sent: 8FEB14
crandress: Received: 10FEB14 - Sent: 12FEB14
rotharpunc: Received: 18FEB14 - Sent: 20FEB14
GordoTrek: Received: 24FEB14 - Sent: 26FEB14
awfulwaffle: Received: 28FEB14 - Sent: 3MAR14
thenomad: Received: 6MAR14 - Sent: 12MAR14
nuron: Received: 14MAR14 - Sent: 17MAR14
brandenjs: Received: 21MAR14 - Sent: 22MAR14
Lascauxcaveman: Received: 24MAR14 - Sent: 30MAR14
SJX426: Received: 2APR14 - Sent: 6APR14
yellowbarber: Received: 7APR14 - Sent:16APR14
lasauge: Received: 19APR14 - Sent: 23APR14
lumpydog: Received: 28APR14 - Sent: 1MAY14
M A V: Received: 3MAY14 - Sent: 19MAY14
smontanaro: Received: 21MAY14 - Sent: 27MAY14
sloar: Received: 30MAY14 - Sent: 3JUN14
gaucho777: Received: 6JUN14 - Sent: 11JUN14
BluesDaddy: Received: 13JUN14 - Sent: 17JUN14
RaleighSport: Received: 19JUN14 - Sent: 24JUN14
awfulwaffle: Received: 26JUN14 - Sent: 16AUG14
nuron: Received: ??????? - Sent: 25AUG14
RamAlaRag: Received: 27AUG14 - Sent: 2SEP14
brandenjs: Received: 08SEP14- Sent 13SEP14
rhm: Received:15SEP2014 Sent 25SSEP14
dwellman: Received: Received 27SEP14 Sent 05OCT14
Lascauxcaveman: Received: 7OCT14 - Sent: 14OCT14
daf1009: Received: 18OCT14 - Sent: 20OCT14
Gordo Trek: Received: 29OCT14 - Sent: 14NOV14
RaleighSport: Received: 18NOV14 - Sent: 11FEB15
Drillium Dude: Received: 13FEB15 - Sent: 19FEB15
Photogravity: Received: 24FEB15 - Sent: 7MAR15
crank_addict: Received: 9MAR15 - Sent: ???????
bici_mania: Received: 14MAR15 - Sent: 17MAR15
lasauge: Received: 19MAR15 - Sent: 23MAR15
mikeybikes: Received: NO RESPONSE
smontanaro: Received: 25MAR15 - Sent: 27MAR15
Bike Cottage: Received: 30MAR15 - Sent: 6APR15
awfulwaffle: Received: 11APR15 - Sent: 13APR15
mountaindave: Received: 18APR15 - Sent: 21APR15
vqstaphbeard: Received: 23APR15 - Sent: 24APR15
jeirvine: Received: 29APR15 - Sent: 29APR15
osiris419: Received: 2MAY15 - Sent: 7MAY15
GhostSS: Received: 12MAY15 - Sent: 19MAY15
tricky: Received: 22MAY15 - Sent: 27MAY15
Lascauxcaveman: Received: 28MAY15 - Sent: 2JUN15
nesteel: Received: 4JUN15 - Sent: 8JUN15
awfulwaffle: Received: 12JUN15 - Sent: 18JUN15
smontanaro: Received: 21JUN15 - Sent: 24JUN15
bici_mania: Received: 26JUN15 - Sent: 14JUL15
RaleighSport: Received: 17JUL15 - Sent: 21JUL15
hairnet: Received: 25JUL15 - Sent: 31JUL15
mountaindave: Received: 11AUG15 - Sent: 12AUG15
gugie: Received: 17AUG15 - Sent: 20AUG15
J.Oxley: Received: 22AUG15 - Sent: 24AUG15
SJX426: Received: 26AUG15 - Sent: 29AUG15
Little Darwin: Received: 3SEP15 - Sent: ???????
awfulwaffle: Received: 26SEP15 - Sent: 1OCT15
Jicafold: Received: 3OCT15 - Sent: ????????
jeirvine: Received: 8OCT15 - Sent: ????????
Weasel9: Received: 12OCT15 - Sent:????????
osiris419: Received: ???????? - Sent: ????????
GordoTrek: Received: 21OCT15 - Sent: ????????
Lascauxcaveman: Received: 27OCT15 - Sent: 31OCT15
mtnbke: Received: ???????? - Sent:
gugie: Received:
RaleighSport: Received:
J.Oxley: Received:
MZilliox: Received:
smontanaro: Received:
mountaindave: Received:
SkyDog75: Received:
Drillium Dude: Received:
KOBE: Received:
Lascauxcaveman: Received:
bici_mania: Received:

Note: if you no longer want to be on the mailing list, please let me know and I will remove you. This is important so as not to hold up the box while someone is trying to PM you for your mailing address :)

If you want to be added, post to the thread and I will update the list here in this first post. See Rules below for the one eligibility requirement.

Rules (this is important):

1. If you can't abide by the rules, please don't play
2. Ship within 5 working days of receipt of box (if you're on the list, you should have some crap ready to be put into the box - right?)
3. Remove only crap you intend to use yourself
4. Do not remove crap to sell to somebody else
5. Do not remove crap to pass to somebody else
6. Try to put in as much or more crap than you remove
7. Report receipt via this thread upon receipt (same day shouldn't be too difficult - we're all addicted to this forum and most post daily. Don't suddenly disappear once the box makes it to you). Report via this thread when you've sent the box on to the next member as well.
8. Photograph the box contents as received (not a completely-revealing photo - just the box open and the crap on the top of the pile) and post (this thread is worthless without pics and all that...)
9. Photograph what you took out, but not what you put in - it's supposed to be somewhat of a surprise.
10. Players must have 150 posts or more. This, of course, is to facilitate PMing to pass/receive mailing addys. Additionally, if you're serious enough to post this many times, you're part of the community and much less likely to be jumping onboard just to get some free crap :)
11. Please, no completely worthless, borked crap (unless, of course, it's a cat-toy or has a string tied around it signifying its use as a small boat anchor).
12. ***New Rule*** RaleighSport has been kind enough to design and produce a decal to commemorate the BOC game (see page 22 , post #537 for details). Please limit yourself to a maximum of two decals from the envelope enclosed in the Box.
13. ***New Rule*** Ultraspontane has unwittingly prompted us to add the following guidance: The BOX OF CRAP is a CRAPSHOOT and you may not like the CRAP in the BOX. There may be absolutely nothing in the box of any value to you. Even if this is the case, you will still be expected to spend $16 to mail the BOX OF CRAP on to the next person. If you aren't ok with that, don't play the game; it's that simple, really.

Okay! Shall we try again? There's some really good crap ready for launch :)

*** Update, 18 SEP 2012 *** Take 5 has become necessary due to Ultraspontane dropping off the face of Bike Forums Classic & Vintage and along with him the most recent incarnation of the BOC, last filled with goodies by our pal GlennFordx4. Iowegian stepped up to the plate to fill yet another new BOC with the requisite crap; that box is on its way to photogravity as he was the next intended recipient.

So, the rotation stays the same, but the old box is history. I apologize on behalf of Ultraspontane to those of you who put stuff in the previous BOC in good faith, only to see the entire box appropriated by one person.

One word: KARMA. Make sure you do the right thing so the Karma you get is the kind you want :)

See Page 25 for the re-birth of the box.


BluesDaddy 03-30-12 09:31 PM

Very nice, Dude.
Thanks for getting it going again.

photogravity 03-30-12 09:48 PM

DD, I can't thank you enough for getting this going again! I thought it was just going to lie moribund and we'd all forget it ever happened. I AM IN!! BTW, if you just want to sent all that stuff to me, I'm down with that! I'll PM you my addy. :P

Drillium Dude 03-30-12 10:34 PM

Andycapp contacted my by phone tonight and I have his address. I will be mailing the box off to him tomorrow and he should be receiving it by Monday - Tuesday at the latest.

Once received, please contact the next person on the list for their mailing address so that you can send it along (for those of you who do not know the drill - or have forgotten it after all this time).

Andy: enjoy your crap :)


RaleighSport 03-31-12 12:55 AM

Woot the BOC is gonna move again!

shnibop 03-31-12 09:11 AM

I'll get on this list! What do I have to do to get in?

Drillium Dude 03-31-12 10:58 AM

^ You've been added :)

If someone wants to be added, I will keep an eye out and update the list in the first post each time a new face comes along.


nuron 03-31-12 11:30 AM


Originally Posted by shnibop (Post 14040047)
I'll get on this list! What do I have to do to get in?

I'd like to know as well!

Drillium Dude 03-31-12 11:42 AM


Originally Posted by nuron (Post 14040502)
I'd like to know as well!

Please see post #1 and the Rules section - and get posting :)


Andycapp 03-31-12 12:10 PM

DD, you're just awesome! I PM'ed Sillygolem to confirm his standing and participation. I already have his address but he hasn't posted on the forum since Nov, maybe he's still lurking around and a PM will rouse him. If I don't hear back from him I'll be needing Glennfordx4's address...

Just a reminder - don't post a photo of the entire contents in order to preserve the "surprise". "Bonus Points" for pictures of items taken installed/being useful ;)


noglider 03-31-12 01:20 PM

Are you sure you want to do it this way again? I was the worst offender, but clearly there's a tendency for people to drag their feet. If, instead, you use the previous format, I'm sure we'll have more luck (and fun). Each of us sends his own BOC to someone else. That was fun.

jril 03-31-12 02:00 PM

Awesome job, Drillium Dude!

sailorbenjamin 03-31-12 02:41 PM

Fork's Bent!

Originally Posted by noglider (Post 14040768)
If you use the previous format, I'm sure we'll have more luck (and fun). Each of us sends his own BOC to someone else. That was fun.

I liked that game too. We should do that for the holidays every year. I think both games will have their loyal followers.

Drillium Dude 03-31-12 02:51 PM

We have liftoff at 53 minutes past the hour of 12 :)

Andy, you should have this box of premium-grade crap by Monday, Tuesday at the outside. Enjoy!

There's alloy, drilled crap and even some carbon. Don't use it all in the same place, guys (and sorry, but I didn't have the regulation dork-disk, so someone will have to take up my slack there).

I'm assuming perhaps most people on the list have seen the new game. I am further assuming you are all still playing until I get a PM or you post that you're out of the running. Thanks everyone!

I'm off to the PO again to send off Chombi's wheelset and bonus goodies.


AlphaRed 03-31-12 03:21 PM

Good man DD. When I grow up I want to be like you.....:p


whatwolf 03-31-12 03:23 PM

I'd like to be added!

AlphaRed 03-31-12 03:26 PM


Originally Posted by noglider (Post 14040768)
Are you sure you want to do it this way again? I was the worst offender, but clearly there's a tendency for people to drag their feet. If, instead, you use the previous format, I'm sure we'll have more luck (and fun). Each of us sends his own BOC to someone else. That was fun.

I have to say I am +1 for this format. More luck+ more fun = a great combination!

Just my 0.02 cents

Drillium Dude 03-31-12 03:59 PM


Originally Posted by noglider (Post 14040768)
...but clearly there's a tendency for people to drag their feet...

I believe we have a solution if that becomes a problem this time around ;)


Drillium Dude 03-31-12 04:01 PM


Originally Posted by whatwolf (Post 14041074)
I'd like to be added!

Done - list is updated and you follow Shnibop :)


curbtender 03-31-12 04:22 PM

Arrrr...she rises!

Junk083 03-31-12 07:44 PM

Ok.. I'm in too!

Drillium Dude 03-31-12 07:50 PM


Originally Posted by Junk083 (Post 14041901)
Ok.. I'm in too!

Added to the list - welcome aboard :)

BTW everyone - might be a good idea to simply PM the next person on the list as soon as you can - pass along your mailing addy so there's no delay caused by not having a good follow-on address when the time comes to send the box along.

I will also take charge of reporting received/sent dates alongside each name on the list in post #1 - that way, anyone can see at any time the status of the box's whereabouts. I think this will help to lessen the "where is it?" posts so we can free the space up for pics and reports :)


russd32 03-31-12 08:12 PM

It's alive!

Glennfordx4 04-01-12 08:07 AM

Yeaaay!, I almost forgot about it, almost! I have my Crap ready to go and the post office is only about 150 yards away so I can drive, walk, skip or crawl there in about five mins, I'm ready bring it on.


ACH57 04-01-12 09:22 AM

I'd like to get on the list please.

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