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scozim 04-02-12 04:54 PM

Just can't do it
All winter I was entertaining selling my '81 Trek 510 because at 56cm it's at the top end of what I can ride comfortably. I posted it on a local list a couple of times with no interest.

Today the sun came out and the rain stopped so I grabbed the Trek from behind three other bikes and went for a ride. I forgot how light it was and how nimble the Ishiwata tubing felt.

Crud - there's that smile at the end of the ride of almost 20.7 miles in an hour and four minutes. Guess it's staying in the stable.

pitbull007 04-02-12 05:05 PM

It`s like giving away a pet some times isn`t it .
Should I sell it, nah
I guess sometimes we forget the good times we had on certain bikes

Kind of reminds me of Toy Story 2 when the girl gives up Jessie, lol

scotjonscot 04-02-12 05:19 PM

20.7 miles in an hour and 4 minutes? Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

scozim 04-02-12 05:29 PM

Originally Posted by scotjonscot (Post 14049633)
20.7 miles in an hour and 4 minutes? Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

The tailwind 10-15 mph wind the last 9 miles helped a lot. :) I had to double check the time with my cell phone because I was a little shocked - I don't usually pull off a ride like that until July after a lot of miles. Just one more reason to hang onto the bike.

Wildwood 04-02-12 05:40 PM

Same with my 72 Raleigh Super Course - barely acceptable for standover - but too nice a ride to sell.

OldsCOOL 04-02-12 06:23 PM

I could never think of getting rid of my 460 for the same reasons....light, nimble (race geo) and very lively. And that translates to fast and if not that, it's at least very fun.

Drillium Dude 04-02-12 06:38 PM

On the other side of the fence, I've pensioned off two frames in the past year and don't miss them at all. I suspect that's because I did exactly what you did but didn't end up with the same smile at the end of the ride (at least in the case of the frame that fit me) :)

The one that was too small for me simply conjured up bad memories. It's in good hands today!

Kudos, Scott; sounds like you made the right decision ;)


photogravity 04-02-12 07:29 PM

There's nothing like a bike that's ill-fitting, though I'm pretty tolerant of a bike that's too small if it's only a short ride. I typically ride my Schwinn Collegiate which has a 19" frame on rides of 15 miles or less, but much more than that can be painful. I still smile nonetheless because that bike is such a supremely nice ride on the C&O towpath.

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