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dmcdam 04-19-12 04:53 PM

Peugeot Perthus question
All references I can find to this bike indicate it was made with Reynolds 753, but has anyone ever hear about them making this model out of 531?



Chombi 04-19-12 05:22 PM

I always thought they were all 753s as they came out much later that when 531 was the tubing to use on manufacturer's top of the line bkes.


dmcdam 04-19-12 05:26 PM

Gotcha - might be looking at a fake then. I'll tread carefully.

plodderslusk 04-20-12 12:34 AM

I just flipped a 92 Perthus made with only main tubes 531 and a 600 brifter setup.

jezmellors 10-05-13 01:56 PM

Found this.

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