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RaleighSport 04-29-12 11:41 AM

B&H Flyer, age check?
Hi all, friend of mine stumbled onto this B&H Flyer, according to the parking stickers it has to be pre 1951.
He spent some time telling me it was a schwinn then told me the serial which sent us off in a completely wrong direction...
Does anyone know how to determine the date from the serial or just know from looking at these pics?

photogravity 04-29-12 11:59 AM

Cool bike! I've never heard of B&H bicycles before this post.

RaleighSport 04-29-12 12:07 PM

D.P Harris was the main manufacture, at some point Baker took it over, thus becoming B&H.

RaleighSport 05-02-13 03:23 PM

Bumped from the dead, friend and I are still stumped. Appears to have a New Departure type D rear coaster hub.

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