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jjhabbs 05-01-12 06:48 PM

New bike on the way.
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Been looking for one of these in my size for sale for over 20 years!!! 1987 Schwinn Superior. I bid on it on ebay and got outbid by 500 bucks! The buyer didnt pay up and I got an Email for a second chance bid and I won it. Its on the way. This bike was owned by ED Kron. His father was the head mechanic for the 1972 us cycling team. pretty cool. Cant wait to get it.

Picchio Special 05-01-12 06:51 PM

Very cool - congratulations on snagging that!

jebensch 05-01-12 07:19 PM

82/83? Well done! I've been lusting over Kurt's orange baby-Paramount Superior since he started posting it. Make sure you throw more pics our way when you get it. Wow.

Drillium Dude 05-01-12 07:32 PM

Congrats - I was watching that even though the first time he listed it he was asking for mad money (Campy Gran Sport components, after all). What size is it? IIRC, it was a 58cm which was why I was never seriously in the hunt.

Plus, what in the hell would I do with a fourth orange bike?

I'm with jebensch - it's an 82 or 83. Which is even better :)



jjhabbs 05-01-12 07:32 PM

seller said its an 81. Its a paramount frame. When I get it it should have a date code.

Chris_in_Miami 05-01-12 07:50 PM

Wow, that's a great looking bike, congrats!!

Drillium Dude 05-01-12 07:55 PM

1981 - sure, easily could be, and you're right: the serial will tell the tale.

Nice price, BTW. And being from AZ, the condition will not have suffered. In fact, from the photos I'd guess everything is original but the tires and bar tape (the little cardboard Campy retainer is still on the front brake!).

Again, congrats on a gorgeous bike and a great deal!


jjhabbs 05-01-12 08:55 PM

he said it was a 59 cm to the top of the tt..just big enough. I like a 59 or 60 to top. more comfortable for me. What is the difference between a 81 and 82

jjhabbs 05-01-12 09:05 PM

looks like the 81 and 82 were pretty much identical. the 83 came in silver only

eippo1 05-01-12 09:11 PM

Sweet score. You need to start setting up some museum shots of all your bikes.

silvercreek 05-02-12 05:49 AM

A picture of my '76 Superior.

Italuminium 05-02-12 08:13 AM

congratulations JJ! Very nice score.

jjhabbs 05-02-12 05:28 PM

Thanks all,
Love that 76 Superior..Awsome!

pastorbobnlnh 05-02-12 05:34 PM

JJ, well done. Looking at your bike list you needed an '80s Schwinn. Could hardly ask for a better one.

shnibop 05-02-12 05:34 PM

Nice! I was also watching.

What do you mean "it's a paramount frame"?

jjhabbs 05-02-12 09:27 PM

The first superiors from 81-83 that had nervex lugs were left over paramount frames from that era. Check the 81 catalog. they didnt have a paramount i believe. So they used left over paramounts and built them up with TTT, Cinelli, or SR stems and bars, campy gran sport and what ever saddle they had and built these up. Thats the story I was told and I somewhat remember ifrom when I was working at a Schwinn dealer in 82.

jjhabbs 05-08-12 07:58 PM

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My new baby is home and ready for full Resto! Lacing new clinchers, complete overhaul, tape and some air in the tires and this bike will be ready to go! Wonder if Waterford has some touch up for this old bad boy!

WNG 05-09-12 12:21 PM

What a beauty, I'm having orange-bike envy. Congrats on your long awaited find.

Vonruden 05-09-12 05:26 PM

Nice ride, love the color.

TireLever-07 05-09-12 05:37 PM

Looks great. Schwinn moved production to Waterford WI. They closed the "Cage" in the Chicago factory, which was after the 1979 model year. Were back, in 1982,-ish. Chris

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