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Anybody weigh their bikes?

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Anybody weigh their bikes?

Old 05-18-12, 06:54 AM
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Anybody weigh their bikes?

I haven't. And wouldn't know how to proceed if I wanted to. Bathroom scales are not accurate enough, are they?
How did you weigh your bike if you have weighed it?
Is it important to you?
What does your bike weigh and what is it?
Just curious.
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Old 05-18-12, 07:08 AM
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rootboy, I've weighed mine with a machinists' scale, the reading is close enough to using a bathroom scale.

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Old 05-18-12, 07:11 AM
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You need a hanging scale like you use for fish or at the produce counter. I don't weigh my bikes but I am not really concenred about their weight.
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I don't know how accurate my BR scale really is, but I do know that the resolution in whole-pound increments ADDS up-to an extra pound of weight to my bike (Eg, If you weigh 160 lbs 15oz, you'll subtract just 160 from the combined weight - when 161 would have been closer to the mark.)
- Auchen
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Old 05-18-12, 07:20 AM
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$8 hanging scale on ebay. While I rarely weigh bikes, its kind of interesting.

Actually, this is the one I have, and it is less than $4 delivered.

$3.16 delivered:


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I weigh my bikes and when I'm building one up or considering component changes, I usually compare component weights on a gram scale. It's more academic interest I guess for me...I mean, I like lightweight bikes & if I'm trying to lighten up a particular bike I may care more, but I enjoy all my bikes and it's not the usual 'weight weenie' thing in my case, I think. I do find it interesting to have a feel for the comparative weights of different components and also to have a feel for how on the bike the weight is distributed.

oh, I use a cheap luggage scale that hangs & I hang the bike by the seat. My gram scale is very accurate, the luggage scale may not be so.
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yes use my neighbors digital fishing scale and hold it from the nose of the seat

1986 Nishiki Tri A 24lbs

2008 Wilier Motrolio 18lbs
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Anybody weigh their bikes?

A heavy bike feels more solid when you ride it. I don't weigh them, but try to make them very heavy. I have been known to add unneeded accessories so as to get the weight to a level I'm comfortable with. You never want to ride a bike that's too light since they break easily.

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Old 05-18-12, 07:24 AM
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I've never done it and don't really care too much. The lightest bike that I had was the Litespeed built Look KG 292, and you can tell how much that mattered to me when I sold it. I am curious about how much the Merckx weighs because it was a professionally ridden bike and it's surprisingly heavy; particularly for 753.
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i use to weigh my bikes when i raced, it gets expensive, i became obsessed with getting the lightest components. i dont really care anymore.
Semper fi
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Old 05-18-12, 07:34 AM
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I usually weigh mine with me on the bathroom scale. In general, these type scales are most precise (not necessarily accurate) in their intended range (ie. body weights). So for that reason you shouldn't just try to weigh the bike alone on a BR scale. And the following method takes advantage of this precision and does not depend as much on accuracy. I weigh myself three times, then pick up the bike, hold it close and balanced, and weigh me+bike three times. The average difference is the bike weight.

My 531 frame/carbon fork single speed comes in under 17# sans pedals.
My alumo-carbon Casati Dardo comes in just over 18# as ridden.
Almost all my other (C&V steel) bikes range from barely under 21# to almost 24#.
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Old 05-18-12, 07:36 AM
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I obsessively weighed everything before putting it on the last bike I built.

I have Thrifty Bill's scale and found it to be unreliable and inaccurate. I also have a cheap analog hanging scale, and that's barely better. Both are hard to read. Is there anything good under $20?

Going too cheap has been costly for me!
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I used to have a fish scale I used to weigh mostly my mountain bikes. It seems kind of odd now, but there was a time when I was kind of a weight weenie with mountain bikes. I've owned mountain bikes that weighed as little as 23 lbs and a few ounces, even with a fairly plush suspension fork. For the most part, mountain bikes are heavier now than they used to be, and for the most part no one seems too concerned about shaving every last gram on a mountain bike any more. There are exceptions, of course. Mountain biking is pretty different now than it was, say, fifteen to twenty years ago...... for better or worse.

As for weighing my own bikes more recently, we have a Park digital scale hanging in the back of the shop, and we do weigh some bikes. My lugged steel '97 Pinarello, without any of the components being weight weenie light, but with '09 Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels (wheelset weight 1550 grams), weighs 19 lbs., 11 ounces with a cyclocomputer and water bottle cages installed. The same bike with Mavic Open Pro rims/Campy hubs, 32 spokes per wheel weighs 20 lbs., 8 ounces......... I have a 2012 full carbon road bike equipped with some very nice, lightweight components on it, a 2012 Shimano Ultegra group, and a wheelset that comes in at 1320 grams (Stan's Alpha 340 rims laced to American Classic hubs, DT Aerolite spokes, 32 spokes rear, 28 front); the weight of the bike with cyclocomputer and water bottle cages installed is 16 lbs, 14 ounces.......I have a steel framed 29er mountain bike (Reynolds 853), full XT drivetrain w/Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes, Stan's Notubes rims laced to American Classic hubs, 32 spokes per wheel (wheelset weight 1740 grams), Salsa rigid Cromo 29er fork; bike weight is 25 lbs, 12 ounces; not bad for a steel framed 29er, although the rigid fork is a key part of that.

I have a couple of touring bikes that I ride regularly, too; I haven't weighed them, all I know is that they're relatively heavy.

I also haven't weighed my '71 Schwinn Parmamount, although in thinking about it just now, I'm kind of curious what the weight is. I'm guessing just north of 25 lbs, maybe a little more. I'll have to check sometime

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I have weighed a couple at the LBS where they have a high dollar super accurate scale paid for by all the high priced items they sell to the weight weenines trying to shave off fractions of a gram at about $100 a gram

My Raleigh Superbe IIRC was nearly 40# but that included the seat bag. My "city bike" (non CV) hit the scales ready to ride at nearly 70#, but that includes a large set of panniers and a 14 ounce Margarita in a Tervis cup. My bikes are going to be on the heavy side due to the large frame size and the fact I use durable components. I really don't worry about the weights, I worry more about things falling off

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I used to use the bathroom scale method, times three and averaged. Finally, I broke down and bought myself a digital hanging scale that works just great. It did set me back $50 but, for my purpose, it was worth it. Also shown is my purchased on Ebay digital scale for smaller items. I can even weigh a complete boxed bicycle with this puppy.

I do like to weight every bicycle I take an interest in, these days. Here are some of the weights of bicycles I have owned, built and then ridden for enough time to evaluate ride quality.
Attached Images
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Hand_Tools_Weigh_Scale_1.jpg (93.8 KB, 197 views)
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Hand_Tools_Weigh_Scale_3.jpg (98.6 KB, 200 views)
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Old 05-18-12, 08:09 AM
Lula Mae = 15 lbs.
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I use the Park Tool DS-1 digital scale (for bike) and DS-2 tabletop digital scale. (for components)
My Trek Madone weighs under 15 lbs.
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A few years ago I bought the Park digital scale. Probably not worth the money. I was disappointed in the significant digits it displays, 1. My "83 Colnago weighs in at under 23lbs with Silca, spare, computer and tail light with the Flite saddle. The Brooks Pro is more than twice the weight at about 1 lb. I am thinking of buying a kitchen digital scale for parts. I measure strictly out of curiosity.
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I weigh my bikes on an old Salter Scale hanging from a ceiling hook.
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Originally Posted by wrk101
Actually, this is the one I have, and it is less than $4 delivered.

$3.16 delivered:

+1. I have the same scale.

I like to weigh all my bikes, but I avoid weighing myself.

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Only scale I have that might work is one of those old Chatillion hanging fish scales. But I don't think it's too accurate.
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Originally Posted by rootboy
Only scale I have that might work is one of those old Chatillion hanging fish scales. But I don't think it's too accurate.
I'll bet it adds 40lbs to each fish you weigh.
- Auchen
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I was curios to see which of my bikes was the lightest. I put the rear wheel on the scale and stood it up on end and held it. All 5 bikes were between 23 and 26 pounds, so I don't think this method is very accurate because some were loaded with tool kids and pumps.

I think I need to spurge and buy Bill's $4 scale.
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I only know one bikes exact weight... the tempo I just built since I weighed each piece by itself. 19.5 lbs, sub 20 was my hope and I got lucky.
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The last time I weighed a bike I was 15 years old, weighed my new track iron, and it was; 19 lbs. Beef, steel bars and stem, Columbus PS tubing.
Never kept me off the podium.
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I'm pretty sure all of them weigh less than a cinder block.

I find that taking the OEM weight, less any savings I get with my "upgrades" is about as accurate as my bathroom scale, which only reads to the .5 lbs, and rounds down at .2 and up at .3.

I had a better one, but weighed myself and then threw it into the pond out back, the lying bastid....

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