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silvercreek 06-21-12 03:26 PM

Question about 1970 Diamond Jubilee Paramount P13
What on the 1970 Diamond Jubilee Paramount P13 that make it uniquely different from a 1971? I'm sure it probably decals but thought I would ask anyhow.

Sierra 06-22-12 06:33 AM

Kurt or Scooper are probably the ones to answer this, but AKAIK, there were no differences between the '70 and '71.

The Diamond Jubilee just marked the 75th anniversary of Schwinn.

There were no decals on the bike noting this, again AFAIK.

Scooper 06-22-12 08:43 AM

1970 was the first year for the P15-9, and in the 1970 catalog the new model (which became the "Deluxe Paramount" the following year) was called "The Diamond Jubilee Paramount"... The catalog shows the registered trademark symbol ® after "The Diamond Jubilee Paramount", but I am not aware of any differences between the 1970 P15-9 and the later P15-9s.

The other Paramount models in 1970 carried no Diamond Jubilee designation.

Here's the 1971 catalog page for the P13-9 and the P15-9 "Deluxe Paramount®"...

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