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Coophawk 07-06-12 02:28 PM

Brake "Stop" Hangers for Cantilever Brakes
Ok, so I'm slowly working on re-building an 85 Fuji Sundance that I picked up a month or so ago (I'll get pictures posted eventually when I borrow someones camera).

I replaced the low-end Tektro brakes that were on there with some good Shimano Canti's, and have the bike mostly tuned up.

But due to what appears to have been a wreck at some point in the bikes past, the barrel-adjuster/stop/hanger at the stem is badly mangled. Definitely won't adjust, and wouldn't even fit the end of the housing until I took a drill to it.

But I can't seem to find where to buy a replacement! Ideally, I need one for the rear as well so I can actually use the adjusting function, but it's not in as bad of shape as the front.

Steel rather than aluminum would be a plus for durability, but I'll take what I can get.

Bianchigirll 07-06-12 04:22 PM

Here is one for the HS and maybe one for the rear.

Here are a few more,

Coophawk 07-06-12 05:25 PM

Both of those links just go to the main pages for me- but I think is what you meant?

I'm looking for something just like that, but just the adjuster, not the whole hanger. I can just buy the hanger as a whole and take out the adjuster, but it seems like a bit of a waste since I just need the adjusters.

Either way, thanks for both links- Loosescrews especially. I've got lots of small parts that could really use to be replaced.

Bianchigirll 07-07-12 04:19 AM

If all you need is the adjuster barrel they should have but any LBS should have some too.

sonatageek 07-07-12 05:47 AM

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Nashbar has one that looks pretty good.

mainstreetexile 07-07-12 06:34 PM

Originally Posted by sonatageek (Post 14450242)

That's a clamp-on one for threadless headsets so it won't have the notch to keep it from rotating (not sure how huge a deal that is).

I just bought 2 of the steel sunlite cable hangers for $1.68 a piece from niagara:

Haven't got them yet but I imagine they'll do the job. I'm hoping they are heavier rather than flimsy, kind of hard to tell from the crappy photos on their site.

Coophawk 07-07-12 06:40 PM

Yeah. Since I just need the adjuster and not the rest of the hanger, I can probably just get the cheap hangers and take the adjusters.

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