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whiteneon 07-06-12 05:24 PM

Centurion Ironman fork question
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Hello Everybody

I have an early 90s Centurion Ironman Dave Scott Master. I think it is a 62cm with 1 inch diameter fork. I damaged the drop out of the left fork blade when it tipped over from my roof rack. I bent the drop out back as best I could, but the bike doesn't have the same balance and stability that it did before. I would like to replace the fork, and wonder if any centurion fans may have a similar fork that they no longer need. I know this is a long shot, finding a centurion fork, but I really liked the white and grey smoked paint job.

Plan B would be to replace the fork with another non-matching fork. I have seen Centurion IDS bikes with carbon forks, but I am not sure where to find one with the correct length and 1 inch tube. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The head tube on my frame measures approx. 20 cm.

Thanks for any help.

frantik 07-07-12 01:27 AM

you've got an 1989 centurion master.. u might have a hard time finding a matching fork, though the 1990 diamondback master TG has a very similar paint job but the fork is different

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