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AlphaRed 08-04-12 01:35 PM

Virtual bike build - 1967 PX-10
I own a PX-10 frame. It is in the condition that the pictures shows. There are no fracture cracks or dents in the frame.

Your job;
you get to post a picture of one item you would like to see on the bike. The item has to be something you have in your stock pile of extra parts that you have been saving for a special build.

I only ask the we do not paint the frame or put on new decals.

I will post pictures on page 2.

Have fun

VeloBrox 08-04-12 01:39 PM

Ah see no pictuhs.

AlphaRed 08-04-12 01:54 PM

1 Attachment(s)
This is a full frame picture. I will send more pictures.
If someone could post this pictur larger I would appreciate it.

PDXaero 08-04-12 02:22 PM

it needs this

auchencrow 08-04-12 02:58 PM

SL93 dustcaps

Brooks Pro

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