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-holiday76 08-07-12 05:16 PM

Woodrup Giro Touring
I picked up this Giro a bit ago from a forum member for cheap. The frame has seen better days, it has a dent in the top tube and another behind the bb on the drive side chain stay. But for my purposes its perfect. I had a spare mixed campy 9 speed group and I wanted to make an ergo big tire commuter. This frame is perfect because it was made for 27" wheels and had gods of clearance.

I purchased cheap Kenda's off of Amazon just because I didnt want to spend much money on this project. Just about everything on the bike I had around (hence the badly matched green b17) except for the front wheel and the tektro 800a's which I got for something like $25 shipped. They obviously had way more reach than I needed. I might see if a 650b wheelset will work with them at some point and make a shimergo setup...

the kend'as claim to be 700x38's but they only measure 35mm.

another thing that will change when I get around to it is the triple crank. it will get a Sugino px either set up as a wide range double or a triple. I just have to put it together.

the experiment worked out pretty well. It's super comfy. I'm already wishing I'd of bought better tires though as they just ride "cheap". I dont know how to explain it. I will see if I can fit some proper 38's.

Here's some pics

Muttleyone 08-07-12 06:03 PM

Very cool. I've been looking for one these with no such luck. I think it would make a fine light tourer/all arounder. Would you mind giving me your impressions of the bike?


Chris W. 08-07-12 06:20 PM

Welcome to the Giro club!!!
Beautiful bike, it looks to be identical to my first Woodrup back in the early 80s. My current Giro is an 81. Yes the have tons of room for fat 700c tires, but the reach for 650b is too much...I have some really nice 650a (590) wheels and need 80mm reach to make them work.


mkeller234 08-08-12 03:00 AM

Two great bikes in one day? I need to move out west. So how does this bike have so much clearance? Is it all about the fork crown?

-holiday76 08-08-12 09:35 AM

Originally Posted by mkeller234 (Post 14579454)
Two great bikes in one day? I need to move out west. So how does this bike have so much clearance? Is it all about the fork crown?

just two postings in one day. I've been holding out on posting about several projects for a few months now. Ive got a few more going on as well.
the Woodrup was a 27" wheeled touring bike with lots of room. Lots more clearance than my Lotus eclair for example. The fork crown def has lots of space but so do the chain stays.

BillJarvis 10-29-12 02:17 AM

Hey everyone, sounds like some Woodrup fans here. I've got a NOS (new old stock) Woodrup Giro Touring from 1984 listed on eBay if anyone wants a real stunner. Just search Woodrup frameset!

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