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hazetguy 02-18-19 09:04 AM

This arrived yesterday (yes, on a Sunday :foo: )
Thanks Miguel!! I hope this doesn't start me down the path of wanting to put panto everything on my Pinarello.

ryansu 02-18-19 01:58 PM

A box might have worked better than the padded envelope...

Its a Nitto M18 front rack

My old Riv bag has a real "tombstone" to mount on for the first time in a decade of use

Dry fit

Ok it didn't actually come today. I have been on a 2 month hiatus from BF and biking in general in part due to the weather, colds, holidays and not wanting to be inspired to buy more stuff :lol:. As an xmas present to myself I got a Marks Rack to add to the 87 Nishiki Cresta GT that I refurbed in the fall. Thanks to BF I knew of the existence of the long stays so I ordered those too and got a good fit on the Cresta. Probably need to trim the excess but I am leaving it for now until I have done a few rides.

deux jambes 02-19-19 04:54 PM

Old school cable for the Record group. Should be building the bike soon now. What a lovely deep red tone. I’m really looking forward to catching it in the sunlight as I believe we’ll be getting some here in Eugene... eventually... I hope! ;)

mgopack42 02-20-19 06:32 AM

First generation Campagnolo Chorus levers, and NOS extra hoods. Don't need the hoods though, the levers white hoods are in great (used) condition.

MB33 02-20-19 11:33 AM

My first set of tubies arrived! $109 shipped from Wiggle. Not too much more than I paid for Vittoria clinchers last year, and I don't have to buy inner tubes. The box had a tear in it (they should bag the tires inside the box) but the tires were fine and hold air, and now the box is a cat trap.
It took 7 working days to ship from England to Wisconsin, not too bad at all.

JaccoW 02-20-19 11:42 AM
  • Second hand Carradice Super C saddlebag. Cleaned and rewaxed
  • Second hand Lepper Weltmeister sprung leather mattress saddle
  • Wheel building goodies:
    • Spokes, nipples and brass spoke rings
    • Park Tool nipple driver
    • Sram PG990 9-speed 11-34T Cassette
    • Cassette tools
    • New KMC chain
    • Schwalbe inner tubes, rim tape, magnetic valve cap and ParkTool/Schwalbe tyre levers
  • New shift cable
  • Zefal HPX-4 frame pump to take apart, polish and retro-fy.
All I am waiting for now is the actual rim. :D

ExPatTyke 02-20-19 12:31 PM

Cable set, some decals, and orange bar tape for the ANC Halfords Peugeot. Found some time this week to get on with it; frame's finally stripped and primed and I've got most of the parts to finish it.
Hopefully the weather for the rest of the week and weekend will be warm and dry enough to get the paint finished.

downhillmaster 02-20-19 01:01 PM
My new Litespeed T6 two days ago. Isn’t she a beauty!

deux jambes 02-21-19 12:43 PM

Good things come in small packages? If that’s true then here’s two from today...

Those final bits, and pieces. It’s getting down to the wire, as I anticipate beginning the tear down of the Gary Hale real soon!

natterberry 02-21-19 04:52 PM

Ive been out of town, so sporadic delivery but one hell of an opening party today.

First, some Gran Compe rollers from @deux jambes , and some Gran Compe levers from eBay. To go with the Gran Compe calipers from one of the prior pages for the Trek TX300.

Second, whole load of parts to almost round out the 614 build.

deux jambes 02-21-19 04:59 PM

Ooooohhh! Nice stuff ^^^^^

I am now vicariously living in Trek heaven. Here’s hoping you’ll show and tell these bikes. @natterberry

Slightspeed 02-21-19 07:34 PM

Nice Exage aero levers and SPDs for my '78 Super Course build. He even included flat pedal adaptors for the clipless SPDs. Nice Ebay find for $20 + shipping. These are the last parts I need to complete the build, barring elective upgrades. Its a funny old hobby. Some guys tear bikes apart and scatter parts all around and guys like me find frames, and chase parts over to put bikes together again. Fun though.
This is what I started with, a $20 '78 Super Course, as found.

ascherer 02-27-19 07:05 PM

New drivetrain bits for my International. Microshift R10, levers and cassette. Sub XCD high flange rear hub and KMC chain. This adds to the new Gran Compe ENE stem from @TenGrainBread that was just for the bling compared to the unknown stem I pulled from my LBS spare parts bin.

TenGrainBread 02-27-19 07:23 PM

@ascherer Can't wait to see the full build!

ascherer 02-27-19 07:35 PM

Originally Posted by TenGrainBread (Post 20815356)
@ascherer Can't wait to see the full build!

Here’s your contribution:

TenGrainBread 02-27-19 07:39 PM

The Crane on there is perfect.

malcala622 02-27-19 09:23 PM

Flickstand upon flickstand upon flickstand and NR 27.0 from @hazetguy that will hopefully fit the Gios I'm currently wrestling with

Carnevale "Huntington Beach" water bottle

AliH 02-28-19 08:47 AM
This lovely Ostrich F-104 came to me last week - more correct than the Carradice Junior I have been using on my Bridgestone. I just need a Fujida saddle to make the bike 100% Japanese!

hazetguy 02-28-19 09:01 AM

Originally Posted by malcala622 (Post 20815523)
Flickstand upon flickstand upon flickstand and NR 27.0 from hazetguy that will hopefully fit the Gios I'm currently wrestling with

glad that package finally arrived, and that you now know the proper way to install the flickstands! :thumb: ;)

natterberry 02-28-19 09:05 AM

Originally Posted by AliH (Post 20815899)
This lovely Ostrich F-104 came to me last week - more correct than the Carradice Junior I have been using on my Bridgestone. I just need a Fujida saddle to make the bike 100% Japanese!

That’s a lovely bag.

AliH 02-28-19 09:20 AM

Originally Posted by natterberry (Post 20815936)

That’s a lovely bag.

Thanks - great value too at around $50. I live in Cambodia where it is hard to get anything out of the ordinary, but a friend brought it out from the UK where I found it online there.

RobbieTunes 02-28-19 05:56 PM

1 set of MKS half-clips for my MKS Sylvans. Replaces the VO models, which are thin and flexible.
I put the VO models on my Superbe pedals, but may switch back to Christophe full clips

2 sets of toe clips in L/XL, one for a set of Campy Superleggera's and one for some Suntour GPX pedals, which are wide and flat and the attachment makes sliding a foot out fairly easy.

And this....

JohnDThompson 02-28-19 06:50 PM

Mavic bottom bracket chamfer tool:

natterberry 02-28-19 09:34 PM

I was supposed to have whole bunch of TX300 parts delivered today. Turns out there was a domestic dispute at the same time a substitute post person was trying to deliver. Guess how many cops it take to make a post worker say “**ck it?”

3speedslow 03-02-19 10:41 AM

Nice box of goodies delivered to “Mr. Blue” as I am now called!

Thanks Jon!

My 930 SHX is gonna get MORE blue.

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