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n4h 08-10-12 09:47 AM

Vintage Beekay road bike
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Hey guys,

Does anyone know anything about this model of Beekay? Its labelled Beekay Top 10.

I'm looking for a decent recreational bike (i've never ridden a road bike before in my life) and want to spend under 200 dollars.

I haven't seen any good deals where I live under 200 dollars, i cam across this bike the seller is asking 180 for it, says its in great condition.

Any info/insight on this bike? Is it worth the asking price?

JReade 08-10-12 09:58 AM

I wouldn't pay the asking price, and to be honest, I wouldn't buy it at all. I've never heard of Beekay (I don't claim to know everything) but this looks like a low-mid level bike, with stem shifters, but a 3 pc. crank, and no turkey levers. My guess is a Department store bike from the early 80s.

Where are you located? What are you wanting to do with this bike? You said "recreational" bike, but what does that mean to you?

n4h 08-10-12 10:03 AM

Jreade, thanks for the reply.

By recreational I mean the ocasional once a week maybe even less bike trail trip with my girlfriend or maybe a ride to the grocery store when I feel like getting a workout in.

I'm located in Toronto, it seems like anything under 200 dollars gets you a CCM or Supercycle model at best.

Would something like this be better?

I dont know if the extra 70 bucks would be worth it to me... for my biking purposes. I might use the bike 3 times a month for only 4 months of the year...

clubman 08-10-12 10:22 AM

The Miele is an infinitely better deal at $250 although not a bargoon...Beekay are cheapo garbo.

JReade 08-10-12 10:27 AM

Okay, the second bike appears to be a much better bike than the first, I'm not that familiar with that brand either, but downtube shifters, better components, better frame materials. I think that would be a better buy. However...

Preface: Take this with a grain of salt.

Might I suggest a vintage mountain bike? For a 1-2 day a week ride down a bike trail (unless your gf has a road bike and rides pretty hard), plus grocery runs in a city, I would lean towards a vintage MTB with road-esque tires. The tires are cheap enough, and the MTB will be well suited to having a rack on the back, going off a few curbs, and getting put in a bike rack.

pitbull007 08-10-12 10:30 PM

I`m pretty sure beekays were made for Eatons, $180 for the Beekay is a bit too much
Yah the Miele might be a better choice or even a Fiori, Norco, Nishiki.
The prices of used bike this year have risen alot in Toronto
But like you said if your not really going to use it that often look for something around or under $140

Just keep looking on CL and Kijiji

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