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bikemore 08-08-14 07:37 AM

I have 3 1973 WV. I should go find the serial numbers...

wrk101 02-16-15 08:13 AM

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This is one I recently pulled out of the woods, it had been sitting there for years. Unfortunately, most of the original components were either gone or rotted away. So I took a different approach making it a bin build. It really needs barcons, but I was trying to meet a price point for the el cheapo thread. I will probably rebuild it later.

hillikus 03-05-15 07:20 PM

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This 23" Kool Orange World Voyageur followed me home today. Looks like a March build date, number 345 off the line if I understand correctly.

Fuzzy2964 03-05-15 07:50 PM

Photo from back in the Fall. Snow and 20/30 degree temps now...come on Spring.[/URL]

Toomanytoys 12-09-15 07:05 PM

Does anybody have a good idea of how World Voyageurs were made?

lord_athlon 12-09-15 07:15 PM

Brazed DB 4130, chrome plated, painted.

Toomanytoys 12-09-15 07:48 PM


Originally Posted by lord_athlon (Post 18378443)
Brazed DB 4130, chrome plated, painted.

I'm sorry, I meant to ask, How Many were made?

MrK. 04-04-16 08:19 AM

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Reviving an old thread.

I picked up one of these about a year ago for $50 off CraigsList. Looks like a November 73 build. All original when I got it except for front tire and missing toe clips. I cleaned it up, packed the bearings, put a set of Kendas and a cheap saddle on it. She rides like a dream. I usually keep it hung on the wall but occasionally take it for a spin. First two pics are the day I got it home, last pic is after a quick 20 miles.

Metacortex 04-04-16 10:18 AM


Originally Posted by Toomanytoys (Post 18378409)
Does anybody have a good idea of how World Voyageurs were made?

According to an article in the October 1972 Schwinn Reporter (dealer newsletter), in the first 9 months of 1972 Schwinn had sold just over 1 million bicycles, including 36,279 World Travelers and Voyageurs. Total sales for that year ended up at over 1.428 million, so if the proportion of Traveler/Voyageur sales remained the same for the remaining 3 months the total Traveler/Voyageur sales for '72 would be just under 52,000. Of course most of those would have been the $113.95 World Traveler vs. the $275 World Voyageur.

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